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6,300 miles of roads cleared after snowfall

February 14, 2006


— With the help of 2,200 plows and squadrons of shovelers hired by the city, not to mention sunshine, New Yorkers dug out Monday from Sunday's record-breaking snow.

Despite the historic blanketing of 26.9 inches, a city official said, workers by 7 a.m. Monday had salted and plowed all of New York's streets, a total of 6,300 miles, more than twice the distance from New York to Los Angeles.

City schools were open, and most New Yorkers tramped through slush to work. And while the city's extensive subway system kept New Yorkers moving, some above-ground transportation methods were less reliable. The Long Island Rail Road reported morning delays of up to 90 minutes, and one key line was out of service until mid-afternoon.

City sanitation employees worked 12-hour shifts to clear snow. In addition to snowplows, city workers used 20 snow melters, which use water to melt 60 tons of snow an hour.


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