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What are you reading?

February 12, 2006


Shalon Tipton, waiter, Kansas City, Mo.

"'Cell,' by Stephen King. It's about someone killing everyone in the world with cell phones. You gotta love that."

Scot Pruyn, Kansas University sophomore, Lawrence

"'Lies My Teacher Told Me,' by James Loewen. It points out all the things they've changed about the U.S. history that is taught in high schools to make the country look better."

Megan Edwards, homemaker, Lawrence

"'The Queen's Fool,' by Philippa Gregory. It's about Queen Elizabeth and a young girl who has to choose between the dangers of being a member of the court and leading a safe, but common, life."

Karen Vaughn, writer/editor, Lawrence

"Right now I'm reading 'The Main,' by Trevanian. It's about an ethnically diverse area of Montreal. A representative from each culture sits down as a group to play cards and discuss philosophical issues."


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