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Safety measures

Protecting children is common sense, but driving home some safety measures by setting state laws isn’t a bad idea.

February 11, 2006


A couple of bills up for final approval in the Kansas House Monday would establish laws that many Kansans probably think should be a matter of common sense.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and, because the people who will be protected by these laws can't protect themselves, it's reasonable for the state to step in.

Both bills are related to children in motor vehicles. One would set requirements for the use of booster seats for children who are too big for car seats but not big enough to safely use a standard seat belt. The other would make it illegal to leave a child 8 years old or younger alone in a vehicle.

Many people think these rules for dealing with a driver's most precious cargo would go without saying. Yet, every year there are stories about children who aren't properly restrained in a moving vehicle or are left unattended in a parked vehicle - too often, with tragic results.

Although most adults would follow these rules on their own just because they want to protect the children in their care, a law on the books could drive the point home with those who might be tempted to not properly restrain a child for a short ride or leave a child unattended for "just a minute."

Such actions are senseless and dangerous; it's a good idea for them also to be unlawful.


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