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Old home town - 100 years ago today

February 2, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for Feb. 1, 1906: "Wakarusa Township's board Saturday decided to advertise for bids for cutting down Windmill Hill according to plans and specifications drawn up by Prof. Hoad. Bids will be opened on Feb. 5. : Prof. Snow's January weather report shows that many records were badly broken, twisted and bent. It was a non-typical January here. : Officers were here yesterday to plan the full meeting of the State Federation Woman's Clubs here in May. It should be quite an occasion of great value to Lawrence. : The third motor car to make a trial rail trip from Lawrence to Leavenworth will arrive later today. Such experimentation could do much for transportation. So far there have been many problems."


Alison Smith 12 years, 4 months ago

Can anyone tell me what and where was Windmill Hill and what is meant by "cut it down"?

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