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December 24, 2006


Douglas County residents or businesses filing for bankruptcy protection for the two weeks ended Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Kansas, according to court records:

¢ Michael Edward Terry, 1301 W. 24th St., Apt. L20, Lawrence.

¢ Andrew Hunter Trout, 777 Lauren, Lawrence.

¢ John Casey O'Donnell, 1416 Apple Lane, No. 7, Lawrence.

¢ Sam Francis Crawford Jr., P.O. Box 558, Eudora.

¢ Patricia Ann Payne, also known as Ms. Donald Roy Payne, P.O. Box 24, Lecompton.

¢ Kymber Leigh Stimac, 1323 Birch St., Eudora.

¢ Donald Joseph Genova, 2404 E. 27th Terrace, Lawrence.

¢ Shelly Lynn Razo, 2411 Ark., Lawrence.

¢ Abdel Sirelkhatim Magid, P.O. Box 442628, Lawrence.

¢ Lance Terrell Miller, 1205 Tallgrass, Eudora.

¢ Diana Sue Stocksen, 2200 Harper St., A12, Lawrence.

¢ Charles Herbert Strategier, 1927 Melholland, Lawrence.

¢ Jessica Lynn Moyer, 2112 Bob Billings Parkway, Apt. 3, Lawrence.

¢ Khammany Khanthaboury and Oua Khanthaboury, also known as Oua (Joy) Phommathirath and Joy Khanthaboury, 2105 E. 29th St., Lawrence.

¢ Odessa Tolbert, 810 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

¢ Jonathan David Rasmussen, 1630 W. 22nd Terrace, Lawrence.

¢ Virginia Lea Sullwold, 2411 La., Apt. D44, Lawrence.


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