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Lawrence man dies of car wreck injuries

December 21, 2006


The Lawrence man injured in a wreck last Friday on Kansas Highway 10 has died of his injuries, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed this morning.

Willie D. Paul, 27, died during the night after spending the week in intensive care at University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, Kan.

Paul was injured and flown to the Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., on Friday evening after a one-vehicle rollover accident on Kansas Highway 10 east of Lawrence.

Officials said Paul was driving a white Chevrolet Corsica before 5 p.m. in the westbound lanes near Noria Road. The car then ran off the road.


Jillster 11 years, 4 months ago

How very sad. I work near where the accident occurred, and I was praying for a different outcome.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends now. It's always sad to lose a loved one, but it's especially tragic for this to happen right before the holidays.

hipper_than_hip 11 years, 4 months ago

I drove past the wreck just as the first ambulance was arriving, and was amazed at the number of police cars inroute to the scene. The JW only mentioned that an accident had closed westbound K10, and I hadn't heard anymore about it.

My condolences to his family and friends.

JFH 11 years, 4 months ago

I stopped and sat next to this guy, holding him on the ground so that he didn't move. I told him it was going to be ok, and to stay still.

I have never seen somebody look so bad. I hoped that he was going to make it.

I feel for his family and my condolences go out to them.

nellij723 11 years, 4 months ago

He was a very loving man and loved by a lot of people. We will miss him.

Linda Aikins 11 years, 4 months ago

Wow JFH. What an experience.

My condolences too.

jeffds01 11 years, 4 months ago

My prays go out to his family and friends, the holidays will hopefully bring them close to celebrate the twenty seven wonderful years they shared with him....

JFH 11 years, 4 months ago

It was an experience, but I am glad that I was able to at least be with him after it happened. He might have known I was there, but myself, and the other man that stopped did what we could to help him until the medics arrived.

kugrad 11 years, 4 months ago

My prayers and condolences go out to the family. I know this wasn't the only loss this year for some of you. Peace be with you.

nellij723 11 years, 4 months ago

we love you and miss you dearly uncle JaKobi and Janelle

shannanturner1 11 years, 4 months ago

Oh My this is not happening, to the family my prayers and my heart goes out to each and every one of you , Pearl lee i have known you almost all my life through good and bad i am soo sorry this happened to NeNE he always was the hard headed one but he was soo sweet also, we will all miss him and love him forever...

1201 11 years, 3 months ago

NeNe was an amazing person. He will always be missed and loved. I still can not believe you are gone. But then again we know you are never to far from our hearts. We love you NeNe. JFH I understand that you were with NeNe after the reck. We have been wanting to talk to someone that was with him. If you would not mind talking to me. My e-mail address is

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