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Child molester’s wife gets probation

December 20, 2006


— The wife of a convicted child molester was sentenced to 18 months probation for keeping her daughter out of the state so she could not testify about being molested by her adoptive father, former Trego County Sheriff Ryan Bloom.

Jessica Bloom was sentenced Monday for aiding a felon and conspiracy to aid a felon.

Ryan Bloom, who was also a teacher at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, was sentenced Dec. 15 to 27 years in prison on a count of rape and six counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

Jessica Bloom's sentence came after Reno County District Judge Richard Rome rejected her motion to withdraw a guilty plea she entered in November.

"I wanted to withdraw the plea because I don't think I'm guilty," Bloom said. "Before this, I was naive to the justice system, but now I know that completely innocent people can go to jail."

Bloom repeated earlier statements that the Reno County District attorney's office had assured her that her daughter would not have to testify in the case. She also said she had been given bad advice by attorneys.

Jessica Bloom's mother, Barbara Johnson, has also pleaded guilty to felony aggravated intimidation of a witness. She is to be sentenced in January.


ku_born_kstate_bred 11 years, 1 month ago

What kind of mother would do this to their child????? Mommy dearest should get more than that for a sentence she did nothing to protect the innocent child but showed she cared more for the worthless scum that molested her.

I hope that the child is in protective custody and gets the help that she will need to deal with the tramua that was inflected on her in the name of love.

what a crock of bs that she did nothing wrong** did she think that treating the child like it was ok for daddy to do the worst thing possible to a child is ok???? Taking her innocent thoughts of being able to play and know that mom would protect her from evil is doing nothing wrong. Put both parents in general population in prison and let the others know what they did that would be justice........* let me in a room with stepdad for 5 mintues and I will teach what right from wrong is

Kelly Powell 11 years, 1 month ago

A cop and a child molester.....Believe me, his days are numbered .....Or they will put him in lock down for his own protection, and he will be driven insane by solitude.

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