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Owens fined $35,000 for loogie

Cowboys may further penalize receiver, Parcells says

December 19, 2006


— Terrell Owens has 35,000 reasons never to spit at an opponent again.

T.O. was fined $35,000 by the NFL on Monday for spitting in the face of Atlanta cornerback DeAngelo Hall during Saturday night's Cowboys-Falcons game.

Although it's more than twice as much as the last fine for spitting, Dallas' flamboyant receiver avoided a suspension. Owens wasn't ejected at the time because officials didn't see it.

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said Monday "we don't condone that kind of activity, that's for sure," and added the team also may punish Owens.

"If we did, I wouldn't make anybody aware of it," Parcells said.

Owens told the NFL Network after the game: "I got frustrated, and I apologize for that. It was a situation where he kept bugging me and getting in my face."

But Monday, he insisted it was an accident.

"When it happened, we were jawing in each other's face, so it wasn't anything intentional," Owens said. "I didn't intentionally spit in his face. He's trying to make it seem like more than what it was by saying I hauled off and spit in his face. I feel like if I spit in his face ... somebody would've seen it."

A suspension would've hurt Dallas (9-5) more because Owens is the team's leading receiver, and the Cowboys go into their next game needing a win to lock up the NFC East title.

And, considering that game is against his former team, Philadelphia, and will be nationally televised on Christmas afternoon, sitting out would've been a blow to T.O.

The punishment hardly makes a dent in Owens' wallet. He's making $10 million this season as part of a three-year, $25 million contract signed in March.


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