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Lawyer, ventriloquist visits entrepreneurs

December 8, 2006


Bonita Joy Yoder, a Lawrence attorney, ventriloquist, author and real estate coach, recently addressed Colorado Income Builders International, a Denver-area entrepreneurs group with an emphasis on business and spirituality.

Her presentation, "Dust Off Your Childhood Dreams," included visits by her puppet friends - Clair Voyant, Life Porpoise, Bird Brain, Cash Cow and The Wizard - to help inspire others to reflect on their own childhood dreams and integrate the essence of such dreams into their lives.


westernksgirl 10 years ago

what, exactly, is a "real estate coach"? Wonder if she has visits from puppets while in court of, oh, say, "Hear Say", "OB Jection", and "Mal Practice"?

justthefacts 10 years ago

Slow news day or can individuals needing attention and/or free ads submit their own stories?

SpeedRacer 10 years ago

What an extraordinary story? Two run-on sentences highlighting Lawrence's diversity.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

"what, exactly, is a "real estate coach"?"

Considering some of the comments I've heard from some of her tenants, it's a primer on "How to be a slumlord."

BOE 9 years, 12 months ago

" Bonita Joy Yoder, a Lawrence attorney, ventriloquist..... "



Think how much butt you could kick with a lawyer/ventriloquist duality in the courtroom.

Sounds almost .. evil. ;)

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