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B-ball bounces Sebelius speech

Fort Hays-Washburn games displace State of the State broadcast

December 8, 2006


— In a jump ball between basketball and Kansas government, basketball wins.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius wants to give her State of the State speech to the 2007 Legislature on the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 10.

But two of the state's three public television stations, which traditionally broadcast the speech live from the Kansas House chamber, have a previous commitment at that time.

KTWU of Topeka, which covers northeast Kansas, and Smoky Hills Public Television, which covers western Kansas, will broadcast a women's and men's basketball doubleheader between Fort Hays State University and Washburn University.

"We started to get underwriting on this (sports event) back in August and September," said Eugene Williams, KTWU general manager.

The only live television broadcast of the speech and the Republican Party response will be aired by KPTS of Wichita, which covers south-central Kansas.

Jesse Huxman, director of content at KPTS, said it is costing his station several thousand dollars to set up equipment for the speech, which usually is handled by KTWU.

"We feel like this annual State of the State speech is something our viewers need to have access to," Huxman said.

Williams said if Sebelius would change the date of her speech to that Monday or Tuesday there would be no problem airing it live on KTWU or Smoky Hills.

Nicole Corcoran, spokeswoman for Sebelius, said Wednesday was chosen because Monday and Tuesday were too busy with the start of the legislative session and inaugural activities.

She noted that Kansas Public Radio will broadcast the speech live and that the governor's office was checking into online streaming video possibilities.

Lawrence residents wanting to see Sebelius' speech and Republican response live will be out of luck unless they own a high-definition television. KTWU will show the event live on its digital station, which is Sunflower Broadband Channel 203.

The speech will be played on KTWU's analog station, Sunflower Broadband Channel 11, after the games.


compmd 11 years, 5 months ago

This is the second time this week I've seen "you can't watch it unless you buy an overpriced HDTV and the superduper expensive digital cable packages." TV is going to suck until the FCC digital mandate goes into effect.

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