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Equal Rites’ still a work in progress

August 26, 2006


— So, once more, we prepare to celebrate Aug. 26, the anniversary of the passage of women's suffrage, in our own special way. Our one-woman jury gathers in the shadow of our foremothers to dispense the much-coveted Equal Rites Awards to those who have done their best over the past year to set back the cause of women.

What are we to say about the last 12 months of progress and regress? In the alternative universe of television, we got our first female commander in chief and then lost her in the popular election conducted by Nielsen. We had the first female anchor in chief, Katie Couric, chosen against a chorus complaining that she lacked gravitas (which is Latin for baritone). "Sesame Street" prepared to welcome its first female lead puppet and who is she? Abby Cadabby, a very, very pink fairy in training complete with a tiara.

But back to reality programming. Our pool of contestants for these awards runneth over. The envelopes please:

We begin with The Taliban Wannabe Prize, once named for the copycats working to keep women under (literal) wraps. This year the award is bound to, alas ... Afghanistan. Remember the virtue police who beat Afghan women for merely exposing their ankles? They're coming baaaaack. The Department for the Protection of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has been reapproved by our man in Kabul, President Hamid Karzai, and soon will come before the Afghan Parliament. With friends like these, who needs the Taliban?

Speaking of our freedom-loving allies, The International Ayatollah Award goes to Saudi Arabia, where women have long been kept out of the drivers' seats. Now King Abdullah wants them out of the newspapers as well, because publishing pictures of women could lead men astray. We send him a revised motto for the kingdom: Out of sight? Out of your mind?

Alas, America is not immune to international guy gaffes. The Man-Handling Prize for groping across borders goes to The Decider, who came up behind Angela Merkel's back and gave the horrified German chancellor a hefty massage. This "Love Attack," as it was described in Germany, proves that no woman is too powerful to get George as her main squeeze.

Ah, but let us not be too politically correct. The Patriarch of the Year is Utah's Judge Walter Steed, a polygamist and jurist who dispensed the law for 25 years while breaking it. We send him and his three wives a full set of "Big Love" DVDs to enjoy now that he is, uh, retired.

On to the judges who still sit on the supreme court in Italy. The Blind Justice Award is bound to those men who once ruled that a woman wearing skin-tight jeans couldn't claim rape. This year, the court ruled that sexual abuse of a teen was less serious because she wasn't a virgin. We send them, at long last, some woman to join the bench.

Do you hear the theme song? Our Misogyny in Music Award goes - as did the Oscar - to that sweet song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." Much as we sympathize with the tribulations of the small businessman, we hope this tune hip-hops right down the road to moral bankruptcy.

While we are humming this tune, surely Heidi Fleiss wins our Dubious Equality Award for a woman who works the hardest for the most unwanted parity. Is it easy out there for a madam? She's trying to set up a stud farm in Nevada for female patrons of the newest male profession. Hey Heidi, what's bad for the goose is bad for the gander.

And take a gander at Ann Coulter. Groan. After so many years of giving men The Backlash Award, Ms. Coulter is our hands-down, loose-lipped winner. Who else but the tongue-lashing, female-bashing Coulter would call the widows of 9-11 "witches and harpies" who are "reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzies" while enjoying their husbands' death. We send her a remaindered copy of her book "Slander."

Or better yet, let's send her to where she would hook up with the winner of our Ms-Communicator Award: Neil French. The (now former) creative head of the worldwide WPP advertising group said that women don't get to the top of the ad biz because they "wimp out and go suckle something." Ann?

You will note that we couldn't give Neil The Post-Feminist Booby Prize. That must go to the Victoria's Secret keepers who told a nursing mom in Wisconsin to go suckle in the bathroom instead of the dressing room. Who would have believed that the folks who made their fortune on the female form - "Very Sexy Infinity Edge Push-Up Bra" - would disdain its function? We send them a lift for their image.

Let's not forget The Raging Hormonal Imbalance Award. It is headed along with a testosterone testing kit to Joe Francis, the sleaze master who made his fortune sexploiting sexhibitionists on "Girls Gone Wild." Then he went wild, slamming L.A. Times reporter Claire Hoffman against the hood of a car. The only new video we want to see is Francis doing a perp walk.

Speaking of which, The Superstar in Sexism prize goes to Brett Myers, the Phillies pitcher who wasn't using a designated hitter when he was seen striking his wife - 12 inches shorter, 120 pounds lighter - on the streets of Boston. To him, simply, we wish a losing streak on the mound and in the courtroom.

Finally, we give The Male In-Security Award to the airport guard who searched Margaret Jackson and came across highly detailed designs of an airplane in her briefcase. He found it easier to believe she was a terrorist than a corporate head. As she wrote him later, "Dear Bill, this is from the chairman of Qantas, who is a woman." Here's to what they call the New Normal.

- Ellen Goodman is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.


bearded_gnome 11 years, 9 months ago

"rites?" wrong word.

Ann Coulter, ROCKS! keep it up Ann, your book's selling better than elaine Badman's collumn's and she's jealous!

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

I'd say happy Equality Day today, but unfortunately, women's rights are still very unbalanced. Since there is still no Equal Rights Amendment, anytime someone decides to revoke women's rights, they can do so with relative ease.

Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Johnson/Wyandotte Counties...all have National Organization for Women chapters, but with few active members. They are led by dedicated women who need spirited footsoldiers. But where have all the activists gone? Are they asleep? What will it take to finally get some people truly involved?

If you believe in reproductive freedom, equal rights for women, equal pay for equal work, gay/lesbian rights, racial equality and ending domestic abuse, please get involved and become a member today. We need all sorts of people who are willing to donate money, time, letter writers, and activists involved in an organization that is proactive in leading women on all sorts of issues.

Everyone has a part to play in something so crucially important as this. If there is not a chapter in your area, contact us and we will help you start one! College student? Start a campus action group and we can help you with that as well. Whatever you do ladies, don't just ignore this. The balance of power is in your hands.

To see all the things we do for the women of Kansas.. Please email, or visit our website at

Don't forget to visit our booth at the Kansas State Fair!

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Bearded Gnome is exactly the kind of people we need YOU ladies to fight against!

Tychoman 11 years, 9 months ago

Ann Coulter is pure evil. Any derogatory word suitably describes Ann Coulter. Ellen Goodman is my hero :)

Tychoman 11 years, 9 months ago

Ann isn't even remotely attractive, though.

Godot 11 years, 9 months ago

Ellen Goodman is so vacuous, so un-original, so trite, so in lock-step with Democrat talking points that she is an embarrassment to the women's rights movement.

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Ann Coulter is one strange cookie. She's so desperate for a man to come own her so she can quit working and be a housewife, but no man wants her! The only man who could tolerate a tolerant (liberal) man. She's like a walking contradiction.

oldgranny 11 years, 9 months ago

Okay. I'm going to warn you right from the start what I'm about to say is going to rub some people the wrong way so I will apologize in advance and stress that it is only my opinion but here goes...

As far as I can see women libs has worked far as liberating the Men! Most young women I know today are expected to work full time and provide at least part of the family income. In addition they are still responsible for almost all of the housework, meals, child care and in some cases even the lawn work. The poor things run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get it all done. I have to say I admire how most of them handle it-but it makes me tired to watch them. The only one I can see that wins in this situation is the husband because he seems to be freed up from a lot of the breadwinning responsiblity. I'm not trying to say womens lib was all bad-there are a lot of good things too-but sometimes I can't help but wonder who came out the biggest winner in this.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 9 months ago

Ann Coulter is one strange cookie. She's so desperate for a man to come own her so she can quit working and be a housewife, but no man wants her! The only man who could tolerate a tolerant (liberal) man. She's like a walking contradiction.

please leave the psychoanalysis for the professionals, you don't know what you're talking about. "tolerant liberal man" she eats them for lunch with mustard!

Ann is a beautiful woman, because she is intelligent, and has good values! she can represent those values well...makes her a fine babe in my book.

reproductive freedom=the right to kill one's own child before birth...what about the rights of the most vulnerable, that child who cannot speak up for his/herself! worldwide, more female babies are killed, as part of gender selection. thus, abortion kills more females. abortion in this country disproportionately kills black, hispanic and jewish babies...under other circumstances that would be called racist by the Jesse Jackson method! and don't bring up rape and incest...they only account for about 5% of abortions, thus a tired old strawman argument only used to keep up abortion on demand.

MM: I'm glad you think I'm one you femiNAZIs must oppose, I'm flattered.

still say Goodman misused "rites."

bearded_gnome 11 years, 9 months ago

oh, and excuse me now, I'm going to serve my wife, being a Christian husband.

Tychoman 11 years, 9 months ago

Ann is a disgusting woman, because she is inflammatory and has awful values. If they should be called values at all.

She doesn't believe women should have the right to vote. Golly gee there's a whole slew of stupid things this thing has said.

Feel free to back up those abortion statistics with actual statistics.

bearded_gnome 11 years, 9 months ago

Those stats come from judge Robert Bork's book. don't think she is against women voting.

however, it is useful to note, Bill Clinton would never have been elected had men kept the vote to themselves instead of sharing it. [note to the hysterical...this does not mean I am against women voting...I have voted for female candidates and will again.] if Condi runs, I'm volunteering for her campaign. there's a classy lady!

xenophonschild 11 years, 9 months ago

Didn't Ann Coulter used to be a man? That prominent adam's apple, and those thick wrists, beg for explanation.

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Old Granny- women also get more help around the house now, the men do laundry, they do dishes, they change diapers, they can run a vacuum. Men are actually expected to be part of the family and spend time with the family instead of just being the breadwinner. And women are no longer expected to be at the door with dinner on the table, because the poor guy worked so hard all day (nevermind how much work it takes to be a homemaker). I read a 1955 Good Housekeeping article on "how to be a good wife" women were supposed to suppress their feelings for their men, keep the children quiet, not complain if he gets angry, but try to do better next time...that you should be there to be his emotional punching bag. It almost promoted domestic violence as the woman's fault! So yeah, I'm glad we've come a long way baby.
There is a stress that comes with having it all, but that was in place long before now. Women were nurses and caregivers long before 'women's lib' came along, but now instead of nurses being doctor's servants, they're a true profession, and they get paid well for it now too, they can even be doctors and be the boss over male nurses!

So it's not that women did LESS then, they were just expected to do it with more harrassment and less money- which was darn hard if your husband died and left you with the 10 kids because you were also expected to be a breeding factory.

Interestingly studies show that even in female dominated jobs, women STILL make less than men doing the same work. So there is still work to be done.

And I'm not afraid to get out the lawnmower...because I live in a PARTNERSHIP with my husband...sometimes he does dishes and I mow the grass. Sometimes he cooks dinner for ME, and we both ask 'honey, how was your day'.

But I have to give kudos to the women from your generation who did not feel like you, who said "I want to be treated equally' who laid the foundation for my life as it is now.

Bearded_troll, I'm glad that you're serving your wife, but make sure you're serving her in the way she wants, not what you think she wants. Remember, it's because of us 'femi-nazis' that you have Ann Coulter to swoon over.

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Smitty, you're right, the environment those brave women endured was unbearable, but they felt they had to do it to get where we are today. That kind of behavior is not nearly as prevalent as it was in the beginning. I work in a field that would have been considered 'men only' once upon a time, and I have never personally felt that I have been treated poorly because of my sex. I'm good at what I do, I love my job, I can't imagine not being able to do it simply because because of my gender.

oldgranny 11 years, 9 months ago

moxxie_mama I agree that they SHOULD be getting more help and in a perfect world it would work that way but I question how often that really happens. Because a lot of the young women I know are pretty much tied to the housework and the kids in there off time and to there job during the week. and they don't seem to get much help. If the husband feels like doing some token "help" he does and if he doesn't want to-well to bad. It seems to me that there husbands are the only ones off the hook in all this. Of course the wives should probably lay down the law and change some of this :)

I certainly don't mean to imply that womens rights is a bad thing there are many many wonderful things but I hate to see it backfire so badly for a few.

Redneckgal 11 years, 9 months ago

moxxie_mama old granny and smitty you are all right in a way. We have come a long way but from what I have seen we still have a long way to go. are right. Most of the women I work with are doing all the cooking cleaning child care and any number of other things that are requried to keep a house running smoothly as well as being required to provide their fair share of the income. As my ex used to tell me-"you still make less than me and I pay more of the bills-therefore the house is YOUR job". "If you would get off your butt and get a better paying job I might help more". At that time I was making $11.01 an hour. Notice I said ex :):) smitty you are also right. In my place of employment I see the few men we have get away with things that would get use girls in trouble pretty quick. And the real kicker is-we have a female boss!

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

I so hope you ladies are active in the cause then. You have wonderful stories to tell of endurance and strength...just the kind we need working for our team. Please consider joining?

antimarion 11 years, 9 months ago

Who's your daddy????????????????????????????

yellowrose 11 years, 9 months ago

Moxxie, my husband does serve me the way I want. He runs the house does the grocery shopping, most of the cooking and a whole lot of things that some men would never do. I have the freedom to concentrate on my school work. My hard work in my studies and his hard work at home got me a 3.89 grade point average during my first year back in college. Now that's what I call a real man.
"gay and lesbian rites? How can Ellen Goodman write about something she can't even spell correctly? Isn't correct spelling a fundamental part of writing anything, especially something that is going to be published on a regular basis.

The word, "gay," originally meant happy. "Homosexuals," (the right word and name for those who have sex with their own sex, do have rights. They have the right to get right with God, and change their unnatural behavior. They have the right to form loving relationships with someone of the OPOSITE SEX and marry that person. They have the right to take and keep their marriage vows and stay married to that person of the OPOSITE SEX* "until death do us part." They don't have the right to change those sacred vows by saying, "as long as there is love." Staying in a right relationship with someone of the OPOSITE SEX through the difficult times strengthens that love and that strength and the bond it creates and the history that tonacity brings will create the desire to stay with a husband or wife "until death do us part," and doing that will cause them to stay "as long as there is love," will then be "until death do us part. Lesbians have the right to learn God's order and get in line with it. In His order they have the right to have a husband who will treat them well, putting her needs before his own. They have the right to be led through life under the godly leadership of their husbands. Those former lesbians have the right to bare children and "train them up in the way they should go," so that "when they are old they won't depart from it." Former Homosexual men have the right to repent of their sins, (turn from their wicked ways, marry a woman," lead her and their children through life.

Kelly Powell 11 years, 9 months ago

In my observations I have noticed that in a majority women workplace they do cut the guys some slack....but only because the women are too busy attacking each other......So when i hear some earth mama tell me how much better the world would be if it was ran by women( I allways kind of thought it was anyway) I have to laugh.....personally i cannot wait for the day when all the stats show that the workplace is equal...just so we can move on to a new topic.

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Well I've never had the experience of being considered a homosexual, but I've heard many of the comments of others ABOUT others because of their appearance, but not because of the profession they chose. So I can't really educate on that subject- I am glad you are telling your story though. I will ask my mother if she was ever called a homosexual, she was a single mother in the early 70's and worked in a machine shop.

What I can say is that I know some older gay women who have quietly done so much for their communities. They have always been considered spinsters, they are active in charity work. You see them and their 'friends' around town and nobody batted an eye. Nobody seemed to care as long as they put on a good front. But why should they have to hide who they are? My concern is that you talk as if being a homosexual is a bad thing and something to be ashamed of. People do still get fired for being gay, get evicted for being gay...that is something we need to change as a protection under the law.

Why would you not consider joining NOW? When I came onto the message board, that was my rationale for being here...that Lawrence is a place where we SHOULD have a large feminist community but the numbers are dwindling. This is a hip place for people who have strong opinions, and I'm hoping to motivate some into realizing they have to actually DO something to keep people like yellowrose from dictating the laws we have to live by. You'd be surprised how much Kansas NOW does for the state. Last year, we effectively got enough support to block almost every piece of legislation we were against. Pretty impressive for such a conservative state. My own senator said that my daughter swayed his vote in one instance. (I'm one proud mama for that).

Yellowrose should realize that it's because of feminists that paved the way that she can have an education and a job, that her husband isn't considered a wussy because he's doing the shopping now. Feminists aren't man hating, armpit hair growin radicals...We're professional women with loving spouses and fabulous families. I don't see how ANY woman nowadays can think of herself as anti-feminist. If you have a job, education, vote and own property, you're benefitting from feminism!

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

redneck buddha, nobody thinks women should have power more than men- just equal. We say those things in jest. We do have a sense of humor ya know!

Redzilla 11 years, 9 months ago

I would respond to this, but I am far too busy planning how to leave my husband, kill my children, practice witchcraft, and oh, yes, let's not forget, become a lesbian.

moxxie_mama 11 years, 9 months ago

Redzilla, you are very seriously misguided on what feminism is about. I stated very clearly our ideals, but you choose to perpetuate a bunch of bull. Why do you hate freedom so much?

bearded_gnome 11 years, 8 months ago

a former, NOW leader, who is now reformed and who is trying to atone for the harm she caused. yes, I support the goals of pre-sixties femeninism. however, after the sixties, they went wackonuts.

Maxie muu muu, your zest for NOW, based on your earlier refs, makes it clear you are basing it on very poor stereotypes.
oh, yes, I'm only back on here because I was engaging in domestic violence and condoning it by others, and otherwise oppressing women! yeah, right!

bearded_gnome 11 years, 8 months ago

Amusing! you are attacking Ann Coulter, as being a drag queen, and yet elsewhere you attack homophobia...hmmm...some kinda inconsistency there?
btw, homophobia is a huge twisting of otherwise sound psych principles. not a real construct except by those who push the homosexual agenda and want to demonize their opposition.

and, Maxie muu muu, in case you didn't figger it out, yellowrose is my loving wife!

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