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Journalists’ captors demand Muslims’ release

August 24, 2006


— The kidnappers of two Fox News journalists demanded Wednesday that the U.S. release Muslim prisoners within 72 hours in return for the two captives who were abducted Aug. 14, who described themselves as "in fairly good health."

Steve Centanni, 60, a Washington resident, and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, appeared calm as they were shown seated on the floor and wearing sweat suits against a black background.

In a statement accompanying the video, the kidnappers said: "We demand the release of the Muslim prisoners, males and females, in the prisons of America, in exchange of our prisoners.

"We will give you 72 hours starting noon today to look into this and if you meet our demands, we will deliver on our promise, otherwise, wait and see, and we will wait with you until the order comes from God."


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