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Fishing report

August 20, 2006


Clinton Lake

(Last updated 8-16)

White bass/wiper poor. A few are being caught by crappie anglers on jigs and minnows. Channel catfish excellent using stinkbait and liver in lake. Baited areas are producing lots of fish. Crappie fair. Most fish are being caught on minnows and jigs fished over brushpiles in about 15 feet. It takes work to catch 10-20 keepers. Notes: Water level is 0.69 feet below normal and 84 degrees. Feeders are working. August seine samples indicated that gizzard shad production was down following the record year in 2005. Average size of young shad was larger than normal, which will limit their usefulness as prey for sportfish.

Perry Lake

(Last updated 8-17)

Channel catfish good. Drifters are doing well on shad, beaners are catching near limits on beans. Sauger slow/fair. Work those rocky points; some nice ones in Rock Creek, crankbaits or twisters. White bass fair/good. Work those rocky points with twisters or shad colored crankbaits. A few busting shad on the surface. White crappie slow on tube jigs or minnows in 10-16 feet around structure. Note: State Park fish-cleaning station is working again. Seined some shad on Monday and Wednesday; good numbers of 11â2-2-inch shad. Lots of shiners and good numbers of white bass and channels. Corps is done releasing water for now.

Lone Star Lake

(Last updated 8-16)

Largemouth bass fair. Anglers are picking up fish mainly on grubs. Most bass are being caught early morning and late evening. Channel catfish fair using stinkbait, shad, liver. Bluegill fair using worms and crickets below bobber.

Douglas State Lake

(Last updated 8-16)

Douglas State Fishing Lake remains closed to fishing. Repairs have been completed. Valve was closed June 26. Currently about 10 acres of water in the basin. Fathead minnows were stocked into the lake Aug. 2.

Leavenworth State Lake

(Last updated 8-16)

Largemouth bass fair using spinnerbaits and grubs. Bluegill fair using worms under bobber. Channel catfish fair using prepared baits, livers, and nightcrawlers around feeders and off piers. Note: Fish feeders are working. Aerator is running: Four of five air lines are now open. The last air line should have been activated August 18. Good oxygen characteristics were noted down to 30 feet below the surface.

Lake Shawnee

(Last updated 8-16)

Channel catfish fair using nightcrawlers, shad, stinkbait, and liver.Bluegill fair using worms under bobber.

Pomona Lake

(Last updated 8-11)

Channel catfish excellent. Try downwind of the fish feeders, off windy points with worms, grasshoppers or prepared baits. Walleye poor. Try off the flats at night, using jigs tipped with worm or minnows. White bass/wiper fair. Early and late, under lights with jig/spoons, look for fish on the surface, use gizzard shad imitations. Carp excellent. Try bowfishing, flyrod worms or dryflies close to the fish feeders or shoreline. Crappie poor. Under lights use jigs, or minnows, in deeper water. Notes: With the extreme heat, fish in the morning or at night. Fish are attracted to feed on organisms attracted by fishing lights and can be caught in large numbers when done just right. White bass are plentiful in Pomona Lake and are one species that can be caught this way. Crappie can also be caught this way. The COE has all of its feeders running, and they are set to disperse fishfood in the morning and evenings at five different feeding times to bring the fish close to the shore.


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