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Colorado creates wildlife stamp

August 20, 2006


— One of the biggest changes local and visiting hunters will encounter this year in Colorado is the Wildlife Habitat Stamp.

The stamp will cost no more than $10, but is charged as a $5 stamp on the first two hunting or fishing licenses purchased by an individual during a calendar year. Youth (under 19) and seniors (over 64) are exempt from the stamp.

The Habitat Stamp is also required for anyone who uses a designated State Wildlife Area. Anyone who buys a hunting or fishing license will automatically have a stamp, others who use state wildlife areas will need to get a stamp at a license agent or DOW office.

When purchased without license, the Habitat Stamp costs $10.

In addition to the Habitat Stamp, license buyers will pay a 75-cent surcharge starting this year to fund the Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council.

Changes have also been implemented in Colorado's preference point system, which allows hunters to accumulate points towards hunts in high-quality areas have limited numbers of licenses.

To receive a preference point, applicants must participate in wildlife management in Colorado through purchase of hunting or fishing licenses or by paying a $25 preference point fee.

Big game hunting is big business in Colorado. According to a study by BBC Research and Consulting, big game hunting pumps nearly $450 million directly into the Colorado economy each year.


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