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Judge: Exposure case statements can be used

August 19, 2006


A judge on Friday denied a motion to suppress statements made to police by a man charged with exposing himself to a 14-year-old girl this spring near a school bus stop in northern Lawrence.

Lawrence Police arrested the man at Clinton Lake a few days after the incident, based on a tip from a crossing guard at Pinckney School who had spotted a man matching a description given by police to school district employees.

When officers interviewed the 36-year-old man, he told them he had "primal urges," became sexually aroused after breakfast and had exposed himself to women in the past, according to testimony Friday. He also said he was the biological child of Elvis Presley and that his mother had taken him from Graceland when he was a baby.

He argued police should have given him a Miranda warning, but Judge Michael Malone ruled that the statement could be used in court. He's charged with lewd and lascivious conduct involving someone younger than 16, a felony, and is scheduled to stand trial Sept. 25.


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