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Woman’s car accident delays passenger train

August 18, 2006


An Edwardsville woman drove into an Amtrak train early Thursday morning but survived without major injuries.

About 2:10 a.m., a Dodge Intrepid driven by 23-year-old Teresa Burch collided with the engine of a westbound train at the railroad crossing at East 1900 Road north of Lawrence.

The train, which was carrying 204 passengers and four crew members, was stopped for an hour and a half while officials assessed the damage. No one inside the train was injured.

Burch was cited for failure to yield the right of way. She was treated and released at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.


Kelly Powell 11 years, 8 months ago

She must of been "medicated" or "sedated"...

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years, 8 months ago

maybe she fell asleep? How do you not see a train, or hear it?

bigun539 11 years, 8 months ago

E 1900 is east of Lawrence. Come on LJW. Amtrak runs on the Santa fe/burlington northern tracks. Get your facts straight. She was probably liaving the "Outhouse". Whoops, I'm bad...

bigun539 11 years, 8 months ago

whoops, I meant leaving. My English teacher just spanked me.....

Travis15 11 years, 8 months ago

Everyone teresa had no drugs or alcohol in her system they tested her at the hospital. She also didnt drive into the train. The train hit her as she was crossing the unguarded unlight tracks. If anyone has ever driven down 1900 rd south bound during the corn crop season you couldnt see the train if you where 10 ft off tracks. not counting it was amtrak which in rural areas are known to travel at 75+MPH. Before someone else dies going down any road with ungaurded unlight crossings something should be done. Especially with that being a well traveled gravel road.

Travis15 11 years, 8 months ago

I went out there last night at 11:45pm waiting for the train to go through the crossing. I looked up amtrak schedule and it says arrives in lawrence at 12:32am. At 12:15am I called and got estimated arrival time. The automated operator said running 18 minutes behind schedule but our amtrak trains our known to make up time so still expect 12:32am arrival time. As operator said 12:23am train came through. at 12:21 car came through crossing with no stop at 12:25am a truck came through crossing without stoping. Both of those vehicles wouldnt of had time to react and they where only going 30mph max and slowed to a yield of about 15mph. For the hour I was out there I seen 9 cars pass through going both directions and none of them made complete stop. except for one brand new lexus he stop on tracks going over them so his car didnt get hurt. I think as highly as this road is traveled when a amtrak train is coming through it shall be light with at least lights flashing if not a gate to. This women from Edwardsville was very lucky to walk away let alone live through this. I found out shes has two little girls a husband and is in nursing school with just 2 years left. Talk about alot to live for. Also douglas county took blood samples for drugs and alcohol and nothing was in her system. If anyone should do a story on this the saftey of railroad tracks should be it. They should look into the rural roads in this area especially with corn thats 6-8ft high blocking views of everthing. The railroad crossing sign ahead signs are all missing except we found one at 1750rd bent and facing field where cars cant see it. The visibility we video taped last night roughly where that lady would have been was impossible to see train unless your cars front end was withing 5 ft of train tracks. One of the kc or lawrence news stations should really hammer these kinds of dangerous and unmaintained signed intersections. Before one of our locals get killed. Or some out of towner working in area trying to get to bar they have heard about down that road. Think about this before judging people you may call her stupid and a idiot after you go out at 12:20am and view the visibility of that intersection. Oh yeh that train hit her at 210am which makes that train running way behind and trying to make up ground. That day before that same train was delayed 8 hours after hitting another vehicle in chicago. So you tell me was that train going faster then there 65mph speed limit. The guy that lives next to tracks said sometimes that train comes through at estimated 100mph speeds. If that train was that far behind would it be going faster than speed limit of rural areas? I think so. Hope you all apologize to that lady from edwardsville after you see the scene of accident. She was heading south bound to get full example of her view.

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