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PLAY chooses study consultant

August 18, 2006


A group formed to push for construction of additional recreational sites in Lawrence has chosen a team of planners to assess the area's needs.

Partners for Lawrence Athletics and Youth, or PLAY, agreed Thursday to hire a team of planners led by Treanor Architects to compile a needs assessment and feasibility study regarding the area's sports sites and features.

The team includes Landplan Engineering, GreenPlay LLC and Rich Caplan, a consultant.

PLAY officials interviewed five firms for the job, which will be scheduled for completion within six months, said Bonnie Lowe, a member of the PLAY committee.

The $63,000 study is being financed by the city of Lawrence, Douglas County, the Lawrence school district and the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.


Richard Heckler 11 years, 7 months ago

I fail to understand why the city and the school district cannot make do with improving existing resources. For instance use the Free State Field for both high school football teams.

So far as tournaments are concerned do we need to compete with Topeka and Johnson County?

It seems to me the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce should be investing their funds toward bringing upscale employment to Lawrence.

Why is USD spending money on a study when students are now paying fees due to a shortage of funding from Topeka?

Why not improve the soccer fields at YSI and expand on the other facilities at YSI as well?

We have existing resources. Let's improve them instead of creating dinosaurs.

Apparently Lawrence has too many golf courses yet there is talk of building another at Clinton Lake??? Lawrence Motels are rarely sold out on a daily basis yet there is talk of building another at Clinton Lake???

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