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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

August 15, 2006


From the Lawrence Daily World for Aug. 15, 1906: "He is an old settler, indeed, who remembers a year in Kansas when there was a better general crop condition than there is this year. There has been better wheat, corn, fruit, all of it, quantity and quality, and nobody can remember when all the crops were generally as good and bountiful. That is the picture here, as well as around the state. : Lawrence needs to be a town with better labels, numberings and such to help everyone find given locations. A town of 12,000 like ours should do a better job of making it easy to find anybody or any place without diligent inquiries. : H.V. Miller of the Sunnyside district today brought to the World a basket of the largest and finest peaches ever seen around here. They measured eight to nine inches in circumference."


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