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Study: Male lefties have right stuff

August 13, 2006


Left-handed men who attended at least a year in college go on to earn significantly more than their right-handed classmates - even more reason they'll be celebrating International Left-Handers Day today.

"Among the college-educated men in our sample, those who report being left-handed earn 13 percent more than those who report being right-handed," said economist Christopher Ruebeck of Lafayette College. Ruebeck and his research partners, Joseph Harrington Jr. and Robert Moffitt of Johns Hopkins University, reported the findings in a new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

And lefties, stay in school: Those who finished all four years of college earned, on average, a whopping 21 percent more than similarly educated right-handed men. Curiously, the researchers found no wage differential among left- and right-handed women.

They based their conclusions on an analysis of data from the federally funded National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a nationally representative survey of approximately 5,000 men and women first interviewed in 1979, when they were 14 to 21 years old. Their analyses was based on the 1993 follow-up survey, when respondents were 28 to 35. Left-handers made up about 10 percent of their sample and the population as a whole.

While evidence of a wage gap was unequivocal, explanations for the disparity proved more elusive. Differences in biology and brain function are two possibilities. Nor do the researchers know why they didn't see a similar effect among women.

"We do not have a theory that reconciles all of these findings," they admit.

The study is the latest to suggest there's something special about lefties. Other researchers have found that left-handers are overrepresented on university faculties, as well as among gifted students, artists and musicians.


Ragingbear 11 years ago

In other studies of stupid stuff that is stupid. Mentos put into a Diet Cola Bottle will make a fountain.

cowboy 11 years ago

you are damn right , I mean damn left , us leftires are just fabulous.

Kelly Powell 11 years ago

thousands of years of lefty oppression and we only get a day? I demand a lefty appreciation week.....You try to operate those damm righty scissors lefthanded.

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