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Fatality along railroad in North Lawrence

August 12, 2006


Lawrence police officers this afternoon investigate an accident along the railroad tracks in North Lawrence.

Lawrence police officers this afternoon investigate an accident along the railroad tracks in North Lawrence.

Lawrence police officers this afternoon are investigating an accident along the railroad tracks in North Lawrence.

Sgt. Paul Fellers said a fatality was involved, but no additional information was available at 3 p.m. as the investigation continued.

Officers had cordoned off access to a train that was stopped on the bridge over North Second Street just north of the Kansas River bridge.

Fellers said there was no danger to the public.

James Barnes, a Union Pacific Railroad spokesman, said the wreck disabled the 129-car train headed from North Platte, Neb., to Kansas.

The conductor, unable to stop, struck the person apparently trying to remove an object from the tracks.

"It looks like it was a tragic accident," Barnes said. "Our hearts go out to the family."

Along with local law enforcement, special investigators from Union Pacific and other company officials responded to the scene to help

Lawrence police and offer the conductor peer counseling, Barnes said.

The train was not derailed, and is being held for a couple of hours.

Union Pacific was alerted to the accident after company dispatchers contacted the critical inquiries office, which handles all incident



mechman 11 years ago

just think the nlia wants to stop trains from using horns............REAL SMART!!!!!!

thoughtful 11 years ago

The accident apparently occured up on the overpass by the Depot. That is where the police cars were parked for a few hours. They don't blow the whistle going over the overpass.

monkeyspunk 11 years ago

If he was ON the overpass, ON the tracks, then he was trespassing. Has jack all to do with horns being blown.


fraktrac 11 years ago

Please keep the horns blowing , they are there for a reason . I have lived in NL for 25 yrs and live 2 blks from the tracks and they don't bother us . you get used to them . To those who are complaining about them , MOVE

Fred Whitehead Jr. 11 years ago

This reminds me of a photo in the J-W a while back of a bride and groom walking on the tracks in their wedding clothes. A REAL STUPID (and illegal) stunt!! As for the horns, well, if you do not like them, as above, move. The UP has been there since the last century, no one can claim they are not aware of the presence of a major mainline railroad right-of-way in that part of town. Those horns are on the locomotives for a reason and they are required by law to be blown approaching all grade crossings.
While this and many previous similar tragic deaths are most regretable, I hope this raises awareness of the intense danger around active mainline railroad tracks.

mechman 11 years ago

oh !!!but they do blow horns on the overpass ....e.b.. trains start horns before they get to overpass!!!!!!!!!!!!

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