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Crypto cases reported at child-care center

August 12, 2006


The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department on Friday reported three cases of cryptosporidiosis this month at the same Lawrence child-care facility.

Health officials said they had no indication at this point of an outbreak, as happened in 2003 when 89 cases were reported in Douglas County.

Kay Kent, the health department's director, said one case involving a child at the facility was reported Aug. 3, and two more child cases were reported Friday. Two staff members have symptoms, but they are not yet confirmed, she said.

"I don't think at this point we know where they may have gotten it or that it was transmitted person-to-person," Kent said.

The cases involve Princeton Children's Center, 3340 Peterson Road. Since the first case, the facility has excluded all children who have diarrhea and other symptoms until 24 hours after the symptoms disappear, Kent said.

The health department staff members also have visited the facility to review hygiene procedures.

"We believe that they are following the recommendations," she said.

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that causes diarrhea, loose or watery stool, stomach cramps, upset stomach and a slight fever. Symptoms generally occur within two to 10 days of infection and can last about two weeks.

It is passed through oral ingestion of even microscopic amounts of tainted feces.

The health department advises anyone with diarrhea to avoid swimming for two weeks and to see a doctor if symptoms persist. The health department also advises thorough hand-washing after using the restroom and before eating.

In a statement issued Friday, Princeton Children's Center director Michelle Kueser said the center had been working with the health department to stop spread of the illness and advising staff and parents about the disease.

"The children with reported cases have been released from his or her doctor and are able to return to care," Kueser said. "Before advice by the health department, Princeton Children's Center has been taking proper precautions to prevent and control this illness so no further outbreaks occur."


kansasnative 11 years, 9 months ago

I had crypto (one of the 89 cases) back in 2003. It was horrible as an adult - I can't imagine being a child with it. I hope the kids are ok and bounce back quick! I'm thinking of you! EVERYONE WASH THEIR HANDS!

lawrencephilosopher 11 years, 9 months ago

Kay Kent, isn't she the one that did not inform the public back in 2003 until the problem became so bad she could not hide it anymore? Yes, in fact that is what she did. My spouse worked with her during this time until he, like so many other Douglas County health professionals, left directly because of Kay Kent.

Mike Birch 11 years, 9 months ago

Anymore, I very rarely swim in public swimming pools because of the crypto outbreaks!

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