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Visual treat

Take a little time to enjoy a city-produced beauty spot at Sixth Street and Rockledge Road.

August 11, 2006


The recent heat wave has had an undesirable impact on a city-created landscaping site on the southeast corner of Sixth Street and Rockledge Road, but the plot's decorative grasses and floral coloring still are amazingly resilient. The spot is especially appreciated because it is in such a visible area, one that people pass frequently and have an opportunity to enjoy while stopped at traffic lights at the intersection.

Many are aware of the planted area on the corner of Centennial Park. Those who have not seen it should take note before the weather causes more damage. It still is well worth the look and serves as an alluring mini-gateway to Lawrence for those entering from the Kansas Turnpike. It provides an excellent first impression, and second, third.

The mini-garden and many other attractive sites around Lawrence are the work of Crystal Miles and her city landscape crew. They are to be congratulated and their work appreciated. Lawrence is blessed with a number of "manicured" spots that reflect dedication and imagination, along with the hard work required to maintain them.

But if you haven't been out around Sixth and Rockledge enough to notice the special southeast corner, take note. We can only hope that cooler weather and more moisture will extend its life and beauty well into fall.


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