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Gold maintains big lead at World Series’ final table

August 11, 2006


— Jamie Gold continued his reign over the final table of the World Series of Poker late Thursday, busting out his third opponent of the night and amassing more than half the chips in play with just four players standing between him and the $12 million top prize.

The 36-year-old former Hollywood talent agent's latest victim was 55-year-old retired San Antonio businessman Richard Lee, who Gold had been taunting and reraising all night.

On one hand, Gold flaunted a naked bluff of an unsuited two and three after taking down a pot worth nearly 3 million with an 800,000 bet from under the noses of Lee and Paul Wasicka, a 25-year-old Internet player from Westminster, Colo.

Then came the coup de grace.

Just calling the big blind, or limping, with pocket queens, Gold watched as Lee raised to 1.2 million. Gold set the trap by reraising to 4 million and Lee, holding pocket jacks, went all-in for twice that amount, which Gold called instantly.

A board of three, king, king, six, 10 helped neither hand and Lee busted out in sixth for a payday of $2,803,851.

"I'd been setting him up for about four hours," Gold said. "They couldn't imagine I had queens and would just limp with them. So I tricked him and I got him. We're now down to five people."

A gracious Lee thanked his family, supporters and the city of San Antonio. He said the bluff didn't set him up for a fall, but assumed Gold had a lesser hand than he did. "I knew he had some kind of a hand, I just didn't give him credit for that big of a hand."

Gold's stack ballooned to 51.2 million in chips by the dinner break, with Wasicka the nearest competitor at 14.6 million.


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