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August 6, 2006


Has your office door become the revolving door? Perhaps your tough management style needs some softening, according to one author.

"Some bosses became successful by trouncing the competition and having a driven nature. That type of personality often times doesn't translate well when interacting with employees," said Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of "The Power of Appreciation in Business."

Nelson offers some tips for bosses who want to mend their ways:

¢ Reward good work. Appreciate employees for a job well done to encourage continued good work.

Make sure your compliments are spontaneous to avoid predictability. More specific comments mean more than a generic "good job."

¢ Make everyday heroes. For those who've consistently performed well, make sure to spread the word throughout the company about their good work. Make them examples for other employees.

¢ Avoid negativity. Don't indulge in office gossip or negative conversations. It's hard to create a positive environment if you're bashing others.

¢ Find solutions, not problems. Rather than blaming employees for mistakes or problems, motivate them to seek out solutions.

Nelson emphasizes that your management changes won't transform the office environment overnight.

"It will take a consistent, long-term commitment to win over employees, but the dividends will be enormous," Nelson said.


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