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County certifies primary election

August 6, 2006


The votes from Tuesday's primary election were certified by the Douglas County Board of Canvassers on Friday.

Though some numbers changed, there were no changes in the outcome of races announced Tuesday. In the final count, 9,338 ballots were cast and the number of voters participating was 12.6 percent, the second-lowest turnout in the state.

Serving as the board of canvassers were County Commissioner Jere McElhaney, Treasurer Paula Gilchrist and Register of Deeds Kay Pesnell. At the recommendation of County Clerk Jamie Shew, they decided not to count 50 of 248 provisional ballots. Those ballots were thrown out for various reasons ranging from not being a registered voter in Douglas County to not having identification.

Write-in ballots decided two township clerk races. Jim Gabriel becomes the Republican nominee for Eudora Township, while Frank Rhodes is the Republican nominee for Marion Township.

The following precinct committee members were elected as a result of write-in votes:

Precinct 2: Democrats Dan Watkins and Michel Loomis, and Republican Carrie Mayhew.

Precinct 26: Democrat Aimee Polson.

Precinct 31: Democrat Kate Bailey.

Precinct 19: Republican Kathleen Morgan.

Precinct 65: Republican Genevieve Hunsinger.

Precinct 48: Republican James Lowe.

Precinct 49: Republican Shawn Miller.


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