Scouting news

¢ Cub Scout Pack 3013, chartered to Raintree Montessori School, announced its new den leaders. They are Chip Cook, Den 5 Tigers; Jennifer Martello and Roxy Johanning, Den 1 Wolves; John Hoopes, Den 2 Bears; Susan and Ty Yoshida and Kelly Bach, Den 3 Bears; and Monte Turner, King Scorpion Webelos. Michelle Turner will remain Cubmaster.

Timothy Barta and Justin Deaver, of Boy Scout Troop 52, chartered to First United Methodist Church in Lawrence, attended H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation and became warriors in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Scouts and adult leaders from Pack 3372, chartered to Quail Run PTA, attended Webelos Resident Camp July 20-22 at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation near Bonner Springs.

Those who attended were Zach Alexander, Adam Auer, Scott Cromer, Ryan DeLaTorre, Conner Harman, Casey Hearnen, Erik Howland, Jake Landgrebe, Joe Miller, Tyler O’Dell, Sam Oliver, Geoffrey Peard, Brogran Ryan and Evan Williams, first-year Webelos; and Gage Buffington, Cory Church, Sam Dowell, TJ Everett, Aaron Gehrke, Jake Rogers and Brandon Wingert, second-year Webelos.

Adults who attended were Jim and Lynn Alexander, Ed Auer, Bruce Cromer, Pat DeLaTorre, John Harman, Kelly Hearnan, Steve Howland, John Landgrebe, Time Miller, Cathy Stehman, Anna Oliver, Janet Peard, Kelly Ryan, David Williams, Elenor Buffington, Carolyn Church, Chris Everett, Steve Gehrke, Debbie Rogers and Erin Flessing.

Boy Scout Troop 59, chartered to First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence, attended camp July 10-19 at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation near Osceola, Mo. They participated in activities such as boating, trap shooting, rappelling, swimming and the annual “pilgrimage” hike to a store in Iconium, Mo., for its famous peach float. On Sunday, the Scouts attended religious services and had a picnic lunch. Brock Norwood was the senior patrol leader.

Among scouts who attended were Jeffrey Ahle, Tristan Alfie, Chip Allen, Billy Barnes, John Bergman, Bryce Best, Connor Caldwell, Kyle Carpenter, Henry Chapman, Andrew Clancy, Daniel Clausing, Jonathan Corkins, Sam Corkins, Matthew Day, Brendan Desetti, Kane Eggers, Keil Eggers, Patrick Fay, Carrick Finnegan, James Fredrickson, John Fredrickson, Jonathan Gabler, Philip Gabler, Ranjeet Ghorpade, Bryce Griffith, Jack Hearnen, Sam Hearnen, Harrison Helmick, Liam Inbody, Israel Jefferson, Derek Kappelman, Riley King, Alex Kong, Trevor Leslie, Chase Low, Ryan Marienau, Mitch Moore, Brady Murrish, Joshua Ostermann, Hunter Peirce, Luke Peirce, Colin Phillips, Scott Ragan, Ian Schneck, Ben Seybert, Joshua Seybert, Nathan Shobe, Joe Stogsdill, Michael Tamerius, Keagan Taylor, Lucas Vogelsang, John Wagner, Randy Walter, Adam Wangler, Derrick Weishaar, Reid Williams, James Windholz, Kevin Workman, Keenan Wycoff, Nathan Wycoff and Eric Yowell.

Camp Scoutmaster was Greg Yowell. The following adults helped: Schuyler Bailey, Keith Wood, Frank Wright, Nathan Desetti, Brian Workman and Jordan Wright, full time; and Sebastian Alfie, Patty Allen, Rich Bailey, Eric Caldwell, Jackie Counts, Bruce Eggers, Doug Fay, Kevin Fredrickson, Sam Gleeson, Mark Inbody, Brenda Kappelman, Clay Kappelman, Kirk Low, Laurie Marienau, Ken Peirce, Eileen Phillips, Russ Seybert, Mark Stogsdill, Audrey Taylor, Gary Weishaar, Mark Workman, Geoff Wright and Karen Wycoff, part time. Pat Donahue served as campsite commissioner in Camp Sawmill. Phil Wrigley was assistant pool director in Lone Star during the summer.

Jeffrey Ahle, Connor Caldwell, Sam Corkins, Keil Eggers, Patrick Fay, Ranjeet Ghorpade, Jack Hearnen, Harrison Helmick, Riley King, Alex Kong, Trevor Leslie, Joshua Ostermann, Colin Phillips, Scott Ragan, Ben Seybert and Adam Wangler were recognized as Foxman by the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Chip Allen, Henry Chapman, John Fredrickson, Jonathan Gabler, Derek Kappelman, Ryan Marienau, Derrick Weishaar and Eric Yowell were inducted into the tribe with the first rank of Brave. Jon Corkins, Brock Norwood and Keagan Taylor were elevated to Warrior. John Bergman and Joe Stogsdill became Firebuilders. These Scouts also advanced: Kevin Workman, TomTom Beater; Brian Workman, Keeper of the Sacred Bundle; and Jordan Wright, Shaman. Five adult leaders also were inducted into the tribe: Patty Allen, Doug Fay, Kevin Fredrickson, Ken Peirce and Gary Weishaar. Nathan Desetti received his Eagle Scout coups, and John Bergman and Joe Stogsdill earned their first coveted coups.

The following Scouts advanced to Tenderfoot: Tristan Alfie, Kyle Carpenter, Matthew Day, James Fredrickson, Philip Gabler, Bryce Griffith, Luke Peirce, Ian Schneck, Josh Seybert and Nathan Shobe. Carrick Finnegan earned his second class badge. Daniel Clausing, Brady Murrish and Nathan Wycoff earned first class badges. James Windholz earned Star Scout.

The Scouts earned 245 merit badges and activity patches.

Kevin Workman led the troop’s conservation project to mitigate water erosion and encourage new plant growth within the campsite. The troop contributed about 175 hours of labor to the project.

During closing ceremonies, the troop received the Heart of America Council’s Camping Award and the National Camping Award in recognition of the troop’s year-round camping activities.

Cub Scout Pack 3057, chartered to St. John School’s PTO, went fishing June 3 at Camp Bromelsick. Cubs who attended were Aidan Schaplowsky, Brandon Bunting, John Anderson, Kyle Vogelsang, Nicholas Hocking, Clayton Pfeifer, Luke Fitzgerald and Alex Waite.

Several members attended Pelathe District Day Camp June 5-9 at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds. John Anderson was crowned King Pee-Wee. Den 11 received second place in the food drive and decorating contest. Those who attended camp were Jacob Lashley, Liam Rausch, Andrew Bireta, Ben Hill, Tegan Bowers, Justin Cross, Austin Dominguez, KJ Lashley, Gabriel Magee, August Murphy Beach, Nicholas Hocking, Elias Schneck, Colton Sommer, John Anderson, Noah Funk, Ryan Glogau, Brandon Bunting, Aidan Schaplowsky, Sam Witte, Ben Witte, Eric Glogau, Jack Powell, Clayton Pfeifer, Jakob Walter, Isaac McCracken, Daniel Murray, Mark Smith, Michael DeGrassi, Noah Malsbury, Alex Waite, Jalen Galloway, Kyle Vogelsang, Luke Fitzgerald, Luke Oberrieder and Simon Elwell.

Second-year Webelos who attended the Thursday overnight event included Simon Elwell, Luke Fitzgerald, Luke Oberrieder, Clayton Pfeier and Jakob Walter.

Cubs participated in the St. John’s Fiesta parade June 10. Those who participated were John Anderson, Andrew Bireta, Liam Rausch, Brandon Bunting, Jalen Galloway, Kyle Vogelsang, Clayton Pfeifer, Jakob Walter, August Murphy-Beach and Jack Powell.