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Neutral arbitrator called to KU-GTA talks

August 3, 2006


Kansas University's graduate teaching assistants rejected the university's offer to settle contract negotiations. Both sides now will head into "fact-finding" with a neutral arbitrator.

In KU's offer, the administration suggested increasing the pool of funds for merit raises by 11.3 percent and increasing the minimum wage by $1,000 to $11,000 for the next academic year, with additional increases in subsequent years.

But the graduate students argued that the offer was insufficient and the university had failed to budge on several nonmonetary matters students wanted addressed.

KU spokeswoman Lynn Bretz has said the university's top priority is getting merit raises into the pockets of students.

Katy Martin, lead negotiator for the students, said the graduate students have tried to compromise with KU, and she's optimistic the fact finder will rule in the students' favor.


Sigmund 11 years, 10 months ago

Of course arbitration is a no lose options for the GTA's. Either they will get more than a 11.3% raise or they won't. If they don't nothing lost except time. In such a no lose position expect arbitration each and every year. Maybe any increase could be delayed until after arbitration completes.

The only good news is that if the GTA's live or rent in Lawrence their rents are going to increase dramatically, along with the rest of us, to pay for the Lawrence School Boards increase of property taxes.

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