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No indictment for death of patient after abortion

August 2, 2006


— A Sedgwick County grand jury found no criminal conduct in the death of a mentally retarded woman who suffered a massive infection after a late-term abortion.

Dist. Atty. Nola Foulston said Monday that the grand jury was dismissed without returning an indictment in the death of 19-year-old Christin Gilbert, a Texas woman with Down syndrome.

An autopsy report showed Gilbert died in January 2005 of complications from an abortion at Women's Health Care Services.

The grand jury had heard testimony since May, after anti-abortion advocates presented a petition with more than 7,700 signatures to the clerk of Sedgwick County District Court calling for a grand jury investigation.

Abortion opponents contended Gilbert did not have the mental capacity to consent to sex or an abortion. They also wanted Dr. George Tiller, who owns Women's Health Care Services, charged with offenses such as involuntary manslaughter, mistreatment of a dependent adult and failure to report abuse of a child.

Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country who specializes in late-term abortions, was cleared in December of any wrongdoing by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. But anti-abortion advocates were able to take advantage of a 1970 state law that allows the public to petition for a grand jury.

Gilbert was 28 weeks pregnant when she was brought to Wichita from Texas for a late-term abortion at Tiller's clinic. She died three days later from a fungal infection that caused her internal organs to fail.


HesterPrynne 7 years, 8 months ago

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badger 7 years, 8 months ago

Parkay -

Plan B is up for FDA approval without a prescription. I hope it passes.

If, as you say, it's 'only used by pedophiles' covering up their abuses, how are these men getting the prescriptions filled? Are you suggesting the drug is being prescribed to men or prescribed to minors in the absence of a medical examination? Please, if you have evidence of that, it's prescription fraud and the doctors doing that should certainly be stopped. Personally, I think you're either repeating something you've been told without thinking it through, or making stuff up.


swbsow 7 years, 8 months ago

Why wasn't the man who got the poor woman pregnant charged with rape? I don't know the severity of her Down's Syndrome but surely she required some sort of assistance with daily living. Where were her parents or guardian?

Whoever took her to have the abortion is the one who would have the legal authority to consent to the operation for her. Why wasn't that person watching out for her to prevent the pregnancy from every happening?

I simply don't see why abortion opponents think Dr. Tiller should be charged with offenses such as involuntary manslaughter, mistreatment of a dependent adult and failure to report abuse of a child. In order for her to have an abortion and especially a late term one, her guardian would have to give consent. Are they saying that her legal guardian was not aware she was having an abortion and did not give their consent?

If anyone should be charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult, shouldn't it be the man who impregnated her? Why are there no rapes charges brought up? Why isn't her guardian being held responsible for allowing sex to happen in the first place?


Ray Parker 7 years, 8 months ago

It has been proven in studies that easy access to the morning-after abortifacient Plan B will not reduce the number of surgical abortions. Plan B is an overdose of a contraceptive drug, with known side effects and risks, that, in normal doses, REQUIRES A PRESCRIPTION. Plan B costs about $50, making it affordable to a few, notably sexual predators anxious to cover up their statutory rapes.


prioress 7 years, 8 months ago

If men got pregnant, we wouldn't be reading these types of articles; what a tragedy all around.


meggers 7 years, 8 months ago

Perhaps if Texas had more sensible abortion laws, the procedure could have been performed sooner, with fewer risks of complications. With that said, ANY surgical procedure bears a risk of complications that could potentially result in the death of the patient. This is truly a tragic case, but it wouldn't be headline news if the patient had developed an infection from gall bladder surgery or an appendectomy.

Hopefully, allowing Plan B to be sold over-the-counter will significantly reduce the need for women to seek abortions, as that is not the preferred option for any woman. Let's just hope it's priced so that lower income women can afford it.


Ray Parker 7 years, 8 months ago

Pro-abortion D.A. Foulston should never have been allowed to mislead this grand jury investigation, looking into what is clearly portrayed in the news as negligent homicide during a high-risk, needless, illegal, late-term abortion, covered up by autopsy results delayed by 7 months, and whitewashed by Sebelius' puppets on the Board of Healing Arts.


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