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Evidence suggests more sex offenders targeted

April 25, 2006


— A man suspected of killing two people on the state's online sex offender registry appears to have visited the homes of other sex offenders during a five-hour gap between the killings, police said Monday.

Detectives have gathered evidence suggesting Stephen Marshall drove to homes belonging to registered sex offenders on Easter morning, said Detective Brian Strout, a state police investigator in Bangor.

The information about Marshall's travels was based on global positioning software contained on his laptop, The Canadian Press reported.

Col. Craig Poulin, the state police chief, and Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Cantara will brief a legislative committee today. State police said there would be no additional comment until then.

Investigators have said the 20-year-old looked up at least 34 names on Maine's online sex offender registry before killing two men early on April 16.

Marshall killed himself that evening when police stopped the bus he was riding on in Boston, investigators said.


Ragingbear 12 years, 1 month ago

They should have just looked the other way on this one...

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