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Dog trainer accused of smuggling phone

April 22, 2006


— Toby Young, accused of helping convicted murderer John Manard escape from prison in a dog crate, smuggled him a cell phone that he used to help plan his breakout, prosecutors said Friday.

Leavenworth County Atty. Frank Kohl told reporters about the latest allegations following Young's brief court appearance on the new charge of introduction of contraband into Lansing Correctional Facility.

Young, 48, of Kansas City, Kan., already was charged with aiding and abetting aggravated escape and harboring and concealing a felon. She has been in the county jail since her return after being captured. Her bond was set at $100,000.

Starting in 2004, Young ran the Safe Harbor Prison Dog Program, where inmates trained dogs to be pets. Manard, 27, serving life for a 1996 Johnson County murder, was one of the trainers.

During that time, Young made frequent trips into the prison to bring dogs to inmates and work with them. Over time, she gained the staff's trust.

Prison officials say Manard escaped Feb. 12 after being placed in a dog crate and loaded into a Safe Harbor van that Young drove through the prison gates. They were captured together Feb. 24 in a pickup truck in East Tennessee.

A preliminary hearing for Young was set for June 2 on the three charges to determine whether the state has enough evidence to move ahead. The next step would be an arraignment, where a plea is entered and a trial date set.

Young, who wore yellow jail attire and was handcuffed to a chain around her waist, said nothing during Friday's hearing. Her attorney, Jim Yoakum, left without speaking to reporters and didn't return phone messages left at his office.

Manard, meanwhile, is back in Lansing, where he spends all but one hour a day in his cell. In a letter last month to a Kansas City television station, Manard said he was solely responsible for his escape and that Young didn't know he was in the van.

But Kohl said Young brought a cell phone into the prison on Jan. 31. It was one of two "high-dollar phones" she purchased the same day, along with activated phone cards, at a store in the Kansas City area, Kohl said.

"She gave one to him and she kept one," Kohl said. "She was using one and apparently he was using one. We assumed they talked to each other while he was in prison."

Kohl said investigators believe Manard used the smuggled phone in the prison to call the resort near Alpine, Tenn., where the pair stayed.


jackyboy 12 years ago

Looks like Toby is going to spend more like 5 yrs in prison than the 2 predicted earlier. Also looks like her husband and two sons have washed their hands of her. Can't wait to read the People magazine story on this stupid,stupid woman.

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