Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Renewable energy to power Journal-World’s presses

April 19, 2006


The World Company this month will start buying enough renewable energy generated from the Kansas River to offset what the company uses every day to print the Journal-World.

The company will purchase the power from Lawrence's Zephyr Energy, which is operated by Bowersock Mills and Power Co.

Dan Simons, president of The World Company's electronics division, says the company pursued the switch for about six months.

"I believe it's the right thing to do and hopefully can start a trend here in Kansas and in Lawrence. We can use the alternative energy opportunities that are available to us," he said.

As part of the agreement, The World Company will pay Zephyr Energy to produce enough energy to print the paper in place of what Westar Energy typically has to produce. "This effort will benefit Kansas and the surrounding region both economically and environmentally," said Sarah Hill-Nelson of Bowersock Mills.

The agreement will help reduce the combustion of coal and natural gas in the Midwest, she said.

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The Bowersock Dam in Lawrence and regional wind-power generators produce the renewable product. Bowersock Mills and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, of Portland, Ore., developed the Zephyr Energy Green Tags product. A green tag will also appear daily on the Journal-World's front page.

Simons said the company may look at expanding its purchase of the energy, possibly including enough to power its 6News broadcasts, and to entirely power the Lawrence Public Library if it were to move to the Riverfront Mall site at Sixth and New Hampshire streets.


RonBurgandy 12 years ago

md - I like it, maybe they should use kids though, so they can keep the childhood obesity down...

Good work, ljw.

Chris Tackett 12 years ago

Awesome! more companies need to follow their lead.

Aileen Dingus 12 years ago

I'm very glad to see more prominent businesses using renewable energy. If you're interested in that sort of thing, check out this article about the Eldorado Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV using biodiesel to heat and power the building.

Scott Drummond 12 years ago

Let me add my compliments, as well. Thank you LJW, great move & it is great to have a thriving paper in town that can find ways to exhibit progressive corporate behaviour. More power to you!!!! (pun intended)

akuna 12 years ago

Good work LJW. I hope other big, Kansas companies follow.

EileenMSmithMArch_KSEC 12 years ago

We commend the Lawrence Journal World's local Green Tag [GT] purchases. Last evening the Lawrence public library held an excellent panel of renewable energy speakers.

Sarah Hill-Nelson of the Bowersock hydro plant educated us GT. Unfortunately, Bowersock GT are sold out for five years. Iowa has the closest GT.

The Kansas Solar Electric Co~operatives [K-SEC] is changing that with our proposed 1,000 MWp Building-integrated Photovoltaic [BI-PV] Solar Electricity for Kansas by 2018 Program.
See K-SEC N.E.W.S. Letters on right for outlined summary.

This is a $2.5 billion program to increase solar electricity in Kansas from less than 1% to 10% via local K-SEC cooperatives structured by KS House Bill 2018 written by Repr. Tom Sloan passed in 2003. To form a K-SEC requires five people to incorporate with a commitment to establish 100 kWp renewable energy capacity in two years.

K-SEC's Phase I Demonstration Program will establish 1% for Kansas. K-SEC statewide cooperative is helping each of the 105 KS counties to (1) form one K-SEC Cooperative per county. This will unite 525 people to produce 1% solar electricity for KS by 2008, and (2) to establish a countywide KS Solar Electric Buildings Registry. A Registry of 100 homes and 10 commercial projects in each county verifies a solar market. Demand-side fuel-free non-polluting electricity provides options and security for Kansans. Jennifer States emphasized the need to evolve renewable cooperatives with local plant ownership.

10.5 MWp $30 million Phase I Demonstration Program requires one BI-PV Manufacturing Museum. The non-profit factory will produce solar modules, balance of system components and high tech battery back-up systems with the goal to increase Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. It will provide Kansans with expertise in that only hands-on experience can provide.

K-SEC cooperatives will not sell the solar systems, but shall lease consumer rooftops and sell the solar electricity wholesale. 70% will be sold to consumers who offer their rooftops to be leased and 30% will be sold to rural cooperatives and municipal utilities. WIt is ideal for peak air conditioning demand or peak shaving.

Wholesale solar is figured by avoided cost of 3 and 1/2 cents plus 1 and 1/2 cent renewable energy incentive or 5 cents kWh. Solar electricity rates will be highly predictable over the next 50 years, but consumers will also pay regular utility fees.

100 kWp per county is about 10,000 SF BI-PV surface at 10 Watts per SF.
=20 homes 250 SF BI-PV + 50 commercial projects at 1,000 SF BI-PV each county.

Thank you to the Oread Friends Society for hosting the Library presentations. Visit the K-SEC website and invite a presentation in your neighborhood.

superduper 12 years ago

I have a question.

Zephyr is grid tied right? LJW isn't solely dependant on them for energy. Who does LJW write a check to? I would assume Westar then Westar gives a rebate or whatever to Zephyr. If this is true I would like to know what price they pay and what Westar pays Zephyr.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

Why do they need to know anything when they have you around, Marion? I mean, you know everything, don't you?

MyName 12 years ago

Bozo: How dare you doubt the powers of Suuuper Pundit! Super Pundit knows all, sees all, and never sleeps! Super Pundit is the only thing the keeping the No Growth Tax and Spend Liberals in check! Why if it wasn't for conservatives like Suuuper Pundit, our nation's deficit might only be half as big as it is today! Imagine that!

horrific_changeling 12 years ago

What you talkin about feller?

I've bought like, 2,000 of them there thingamabobs.

You mean I'm not savin the planet?

Curses Batman, foild again!

When the guy was covered with moles, I shoulda known sumpin wasint right.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

Marion, with your demonstrated infallability, I'm sure the only reason you're not Pope is they'd want you to change your funny name.

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