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Governor also seeks money for prison construction

April 19, 2006


— In Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' budget amendments, offered Tuesday, she is seeking authorization for $20.5 million in bonds to build prison space to incarcerate the anticipated increase in inmates from legislation that increases punishments of sex offenders.

The measures now go before the Legislature, which starts its wrap-up session April 26. None will take effect without their approval.

The new proposals were part of Sebelius' budget amendments. Some were housekeeping items, others corrected errors made in the budget approved earlier in the session and some were more substantial, such as those for prison funding and free admission to state parks.

On prisons, the proposal for bonding authority to expand El Dorado prison could clash with a move to build a private prison.

Corrections Secretary Roger Werholtz opposes private prisons, but declined to say whether the bonding proposal would knock out private prison legislation.

"We're putting forward the options that we prefer, to at least handle the initial expansion," Werholtz said.

Lawmakers are considering increases in punishments for sex offenders that could add 1,000 inmates to the 9,000-inmate system during the next several years.

Other budget amendments include:

¢ $1.6 million to cover extended stays by youths in mental health treatment centers.

¢ $122,000 to fund a new Abuse Prevention Unit in the attorney general's office.

¢ $100,000 to reimburse families who must purchase treatment products to maintain the health of people with PKU, an amino acid disorder, and hemophilia.


xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Sex offenders need to be punished more - Kansas coddled them for years - but private prisons are a bad idea. There is plenty of room and trained staff available at the El Dorado facility to accomodate any needed expansion.

xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Conservative-puke: Of course you're entitled to your opinion. Just as those of us who think you've always been a lazy, gutless, stupid lop because you were too lazy, too gutless, too stupid to get a job in the private sector are entitled to our opinions.

No, your hiked your front paws up, put your snout firmly in the trough, and slobbered in the taxpayer's dollar for decade after decade. What did you do in the military, old puke? Military policeman? Clean latrines in Louisiana? And now you expect to be honored for decades of living at the public's expense? With five votes, no less?

What you "conservatives" fail to grasp is that you're really neo-fascists. If there were ever the equivalent of storm-troopers, Black Shirts, SAVAK, here in America; it would be you and your fellow pukes. Your mentality is that which kicks in doors and hurts people in the name of "patriotism." If there is ever another disaster like 9/11, one awful enough to bring martial law, you and your kind will be the first to harangue the local military leader to arrest observer, holygrailale, badger, et. al, as "potential security threats."

Roll around on the floor and laugh about this, you old puke.

xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Quite so. He lack good manners, also. I like to come on this site and see interesting issues raised, but he, and a few others, always seem to lose focus and drift into insult. I was going to another site, but I've decided to stay and punish them for their lack of decorum.

Does Boyda have any kind of a realistic chance against Ryun? It would be a miracle if Kansas could become less of a "red-state."

xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Well, I'm certainly lucky I made it out before the harvest. And yes, you need to be "attacked," for you are a stupid person.

I ran the white population in most of the six prisons I was in over thirty-one years. You don't have a clue what that means - the challenges and problems I had to deal with on a regular basis - but I probably saved more lives - convicts, and staff! - than you did cleaning latrines in Louisiana.

You are an embarrassment on this site, with your "demonrats" and "libtards." Where do you get off assuming that you and your ilk have a monopoly on patriotism? Why can't you grasp that liberal Democrats are, in many ways and degrees, much more patriotic than you and your fellow neo-fascists?

And, BTW, I have owned land in Missouri and Arkansas since 1970; paid taxes faithfully, annually, for thirty-six years.

Roll around on the floor like one of your ignorant Pentecostals. Maybe one of your fundamentalist Christian colleagues will see and make it into a new religion.

xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Conservative-puke: "an embarrassment to America, to morality, to God." Hallelujah! I would've responded sooner, but I've been laughing so hard I can't see the keyboard!

You truly are a senile old fruitcake. And you're wrong - completely, seriously wrong - about liberal Democrats. We love America, we honor and cherish what it stands for - freedom for the individual to achieve as much, to be as much, as possible. No matter who you are.

You can't grasp that. You also can't grasp that liberal Democrats are closely attuned to new challenges and problems that face the country, our society. You see anyone who publicizes new challenges and problems as a "traitor" who undermines the staus quo. It is you and your kind who do wrong, who do a disservice to the country with your mindless name-calling and opposition.

I believe in God, but the true God of the universe, not the man-made nonsense you believe it. If you can't accept or respect that, I don't care.

Also, I am a convict. There are inmates and convicts, and I'm a convict. I wear the title proudly.

And no, it would serve no useful purpose for me to provide you with my p.o.'s name. I make copies of all these posts and have them ready in case you or any of your neo-fascists allies try to distort or "misrepresent the truth." That was a good try, though.

xenophonschild 11 years, 7 months ago

Conservative-puke: You don't have even the slightest idea what a bizarre looney-tune you are, do you? Organic tissue farms? And you call yourself a patriotic American, a supporter of the Constitution, of "no cruel, and unusual punishment."?

I didn't waste time in prison, not like you wasted your life sucking down taxpayer's dollars in the military. Lifer. You can fool some of these mullet-heads, but not me. I remember the contempt men had for "lifers." I ran a newspaper in an underground super-max in Minnesota, won four (4, count'em) major national journalism awards, and was featured in "Time" magazine as the outstanding prison journalist in America. Since I got out of prison, I finished two novels, and am writing my third about a small-town Kansas sheriff who must sacrifice his personal morality to keep his community alive during the Great Depression.

Also, I work 50 hours a week at a company - they pay me a truly indecent amount of money - where I'm trying to change our direction (commercial, instead of non-profit) so we make a great deal more money for our 177 employes.

Don't worry about me ever having to go on welfare or social security; I'll probably wind up running the company some day.

Well, I have to get to bed. You think about what I've said, and try to be more flexible in your thinking. You miss a lot in life by closing your mind to people.

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