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Online tutorials make buying, selling both simple, safe

April 16, 2006


Have you gotten the eBay itch but just can't reach it?

Hesitation and fear of joining eBay can be solved by eBay's user-friendly formats. The online Learning Center will walk new buyers and sellers through step-by-step tutorials on becoming a safe and protected member.

Creating a user name requires your name, address, phone number and birth date. Once registered, members can access their "My eBay," a log of their account activity. Here members can look at their eBay history, monitor items and access their PayPal account.

PayPal is an online register that controls the monetary transaction of items. Members are encouraged to register with PayPal by providing a checking account, credit card number or opting for a PayPal balance.

PayPal is fully secure, offering 100 percent protection against unauthorized transactions. This claim is supported by PayPal e-mail confirmations and 24/7 customer support. When searching, look for items covered by PayPal - the "PP" symbol insures free protection of up to $1,000; or consider adding a money-back guarantee at the time of purchase.

Other security concerns are addressed in eBay's Learning Center on how to protect yourself when using the site. When creating an account, choose a user name and password that are specific and hard to decode. Avoid fake e-mails. Valid e-mails from eBay, a potential buyer or a seller will be found in the "My Messages" portion of your "My eBay" account, never sent to your personal or work e-mail.

When buying, both eBay and PayPal suggest you research the seller's reputation by reviewing the feedback forum listing comments from other buyers who have worked with that seller. It is smart to use caution and contact the seller when interested in a high-priced item.

When selling, protect yourself and potential buyers by offering a return policy and making detailed descriptions. Consider adding buyer requirements; this feature can block buyers based on their registration country or eBay history. You also can opt to make a transaction PayPal-only.


yellowhouse 12 years ago

After reading this story I felt very sad for several reasons. I too was an ebay power seller for 4 years with over 4,000 positive feedbacks. I had an outstanding record with ebay and paypal, I even had the Ebay Trust and Safety seal Awarded to my ebay name.

I noticed that in the article Barry Hydes partner preferred to remain anonymous. As with a lot of Ebay sellers (me included) I never chose to be public with my ebay sales. I didnt feel it would in anyway enhance my business nor was it the local publics business how or where I bought and sold my products outside of my business. However when the police served a search warrant on my home and business 5 months ago, they seized my records from Ebay, and they anounced to the media that I was a seller on Ebay. I feel I was denied the same respect that was given to Mr. Hydes anonymous partner to remain anonymous. Then the next day law enforcement had me suspended from Ebay, along with several of my family members (because they were associated with me) Even though I was only being investigated and no crime was proven commited nor was any charges filed. I just have to sit back and wonder where are my rights? Why are others given rights I am being denied? These people in the article also sell used goods, Do the law enforcers know for a fact nothing in their posession is questionable? Are their homes and businesses going to be searched and before anything is proven will they have slanderous allegations made about them and maybe get kicked off ebay too? guess is probably not, Perhaps only bi-racial couples fall into this catagory.

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