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Figures clarified

April 7, 2006


To the editor:

Regarding the article "Two title insurance policies preferred" by David W. Myers in the March 31 edition of your paper, Mr. Myers' comments regarding title insurance are definitely not applicable to the state of Kansas.

His quote of "$600 or so" for a lender's title insurance policy is way off the mark. The typical charge in Douglas County is $75 for the lender's title insurance policy, which we issue simultaneously with an owner's policy. His quote of "$500 or so" for an owner's policy would provide you with over $220,000 worth of coverage in Douglas County. I do not know which state Mr. Myers is making these representations about, but for a total cost of $575 in Douglas County versus his quote of $1,100, almost double what we charge you and your lender, would receive coverage on a $220,000 home.

His statement is very misleading to the public and certainly needs to be clarified.

Paul Pendry,



lunacydetector 11 years, 11 months ago

thanks for the info. i'll be sure to check the other title companies to see what they charge. :)

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