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Food pantries hope to join giveaway

April 6, 2006


Food pantries in Lawrence are hoping to take part in a Rhode Island-based foundation's plan to give away $1 million.

The Feinstein Foundation divvies up the fund, using a formula based on how much food and money agencies collect between March 1 and April 30.

In Lawrence, ECKAN is acting as a collection point for Just Food, a newly formed coalition of charity pantries operated by ECKAN, The Salvation Army, Pelathe Community Resource Center and Trinity Interfaith.

Donors are encouraged to leave canned goods or money at the ECKAN office in the United Way Building, 2518 Ridge Court, Suite 103.

"Anything donated this month will be increased by the generosity of the Feinstein Foundation," said ECKAN coordinator Jeanette Collier.

For more information, call 842-3357.


Ragingbear 12 years ago

Yeah, I remember going to these places when my place was destroyed by the Boardwalk fire. They didn't have anything for me because they sent it all to Katrina victims. Once again, local families will have to do without so the local charities can parade themselves around and talk about how much they help people.

emeissen 12 years ago

The number for ECKAN is 841-3357. Please note the change! Thanks!

breeze 12 years ago

Honestly, I don't understand any point (witty or otherwise) that conservativeman is trying to make. But I do hope that people will donate generously to this cause. There are many poor people in Lawrence, many who are reluctant to ask for help. Food is an essential item for us all so why not share?

I always try to give high protein products, 'no salt added' vegetables, 'packed in their own juice' fruits and healthier versions of such things as canned soups. There are a lot of senior citizens who just don't get enough to eat and may have enough trouble with mobility/standing that they can't very well do much cooking for themselves. Often, they are on restricted diets so these packaged goods with less sugar or sodium are appreciated.

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