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Embarrassed Chiefs will down Eagles

September 30, 2005


Donovan McNabb is hurt. So is David Akers, who kicked last week in extreme pain. McNabb will play with his injuries this week; Akers won't.

Still, neither hurts as much as Dick Vermeil, whose Kansas City Chiefs played so abysmally in Denver, losing, 30-10, Monday night in a game that wasn't that close.

The Chiefs are favored by 21â2 points in what before the Chiefs fell apart might have been viewed as a potential Super Bowl matchup. It still could be, although Kansas City has a lot more contenders to beat in the deeper AFC than the Eagles do in the NFC.

Philadelphia edged another AFC West team last week, beating Oakland, 23-20, on Akers' 23-yard field goal - kicked with a torn hamstring.

One key to the victory: the Eagles limited the Raiders to just 21 yards on 22 carries. That's also the key to shutting down the Chiefs. If Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson can run, it opens up the passing game.

The other question is the Kansas City defense.

McNabb, with a sore chest, a sports hernia and a bruised shin, can't be as mobile as usual, although his problems didn't keep him from throwing for 365 yards against the defensively challenged Raiders. Kansas City's defense was good in its first two games, but was picked apart by Denver's Jake Plummer, whose pedigree isn't close to McNabb's.

Arrowhead is tough for any visitor ...

CHIEFS, 27-23

San Diego (plus 5) at New England

LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates and Drew Brees had their way with an uninspired Giants defense Sunday night. That won't happen in Foxborough, where the Pats have won 21 straight.

But close.


Denver (plus 4) at Jacksonville

No one seems to notice the Jaguars. Someone should.

JAGUARS, 17-14

Buffalo (pick 'em) vs. New Orleans at San Antonio

The fourth different stadium in four games for the Saints. At least they don't have to get on a plane.

SAINTS, 31-26

Seattle (plus 2) at Washington

Contradictory propositions: Seattle isn't very good on the road, Washington isn't as good as its 2-0 record. Odds say that a team that's not good enough to start 3-0 won't.


Houston (plus 91â2) at Cincinnati

Odds say that a team like the Bengals can start 4-0 when they're playing a team that looks as bad as they used to be.

BENGALS, 33-13

Detroit (plus 61â2) at Tampa Bay

For what it's worth, Mike Williams, Detroit's No. 1 draft pick, grew up in Bucs territory.

BUCS, 21-16

Indianapolis (plus 61â2) at Tennessee

One of these weeks, Peyton will become Peyton again. This week, sort of.

COLTS, 30-13

Minnesota (plus 6) at Atlanta

The Vikings got well for a week.

FALCONS, 26-12

St. Louis (plus 3) at New York Giants

Eli played like Peyton last week. The Giants' defense played like the old Colts' defense.

GIANTS, 31-27

San Francisco (plus 3) vs. Arizona at Mexico City

The theory is that Mexican fans will be delighted to see NFL football live, no matter what caliber.

49ERS, 24-23

Green Bay (plus 71â2) at Carolina (Monday night)

Poor Brett.


New York Jets (plus 7) at Baltimore

The Ravens are winless, but their defense can overwhelm a third-string QB.

RAVENS, 19-3

Dallas (plus 3) at Oakland

The Cowboys could be 0-3. The Raiders are better than that after a brutal opening schedule.

RAIDERS, 30-24


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