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Dell makes play for upscale market

September 29, 2005


Dell Inc. on Wednesday refreshed its XPS line of computers for gamers and other demanding users, emphasizing its commitment to the high end of the PC market.

The XPS 200, 400, and 600 desktop PCs start at $1,099, nearly three times as much as Dell's cheapest PC. A maxed-out XPS can easily top $6,000.

The XPS M170 laptop computer - seen above, next to a 50-inch plasma TV - starts at $2,699.

The line comes standard with 17-inch LCD monitors, Windows Media Center software and one-year warranties, as opposed to the 90-day warranty on the cheaper Dimension line. XPS customers also have their own dedicated technical support telephone and chat lines.

Dell grew to a multibillion dollar enterprise by keeping its supply chain tight and its margins low, but in recent years the company has shown interest in expanding into the high end of the market, where margins aren't quite so low.


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