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Stunning stand

September 27, 2005


To the editor:

Steve Abrams, chair of the Kansas Board of Education, has revealed the agenda underlying his advocacy of creationism in Kansas science education: to deny God the use of evolution in His continuing creation. If evolution is real, the Bible can't be, Abrams pronounced (Journal-World, Sept. 24), openly revealing the heresy of millions of Christians who believe in both science and the Bible and, more importantly, effectively narrowing God's creative options to those favored by Abrams and his ilk.

It was a remarkable message and performance, made all the more remarkable by the fact that it was greeted with standing applause by an audience of "conservative" Christians, the ones most often associated with publicly professing God's awesome and unlimited power. It must be a truly heady experience for them to discern the mind and means of God and to know the one thing He can't do.

Here is a question for Mr. Abrams and his apostles: I can believe in an eternal and unbound God, or I can believe you, not both. Which is it?

Ray Higgins,



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