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No laughing matter

Fans of the live “Right Between the Ears” radio show are not amused by Kansas Public Radio’s decision to end its funding for the comedy troupe.

September 26, 2005


It's unfortunate that Kansas Public Radio has decided to drop its sponsorship of a live comedy show that has gained national prominence and become an enjoyable part of the Lawrence scene.

It was announced last week that the 20th anniversary show of "Right Between the Ears," held earlier this month, was the last show that would be produced by KPR. Janet Campbell, general manager for KPR, said the show was a drain on staff time, and it was time for the troupe to pursue other opportunities.

Although "Right Between the Ears" had performed in other venues, Lawrence's Liberty Hall was its home base. The popular show regularly drew audience members from Topeka, Kansas City and other cities. Darrell Brogdon, the show's founder and chief writer, said that "Right Between the Ears" plans to continue production, but without KPR's sponsorship, it seems likely that the show will seek other venues outside of Lawrence for its performances.

It's difficult to understand why KPR would choose to cut loose a show that has brought it local support and national exposure. If KPR will not reconsider its decision, perhaps some other local sponsors can be found to support the popular show. "Right Between the Ears" has been an ongoing part of Lawrence's active performing arts scene and will be greatly missed if it moves its home base outside the city.

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