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Single document cuts paperwork

September 25, 2005


In the process of switching to online license and permit sales and an automated point-of-sale licensing system, Wildlife and Parks has received questions about how the system will handle big game and turkey permits, game tags and carcass tags.

Regarding permits and licenses issued at vendors with automated licensing machines, the answer is simple.

Instead of a separate permit or license for each purchase, the customer will receive a printed document that lists all the privileges he or she has purchased, eliminating the need to carry multiple pieces of paper for various types of hunting, fishing or even park use.

This document is signed at the time of purchase and kept throughout the season.

If a deer or turkey permit or game tag is part of the purchase, a tear-off carcass tag will be attached to the document. If multiple permits or tags are issued, multiple tear-off carcass tags will also be attached.

When a deer or turkey is taken, the carcass tag must be torn off, signed and dated, and tied to the animal's leg through two pre-punched holes in the tag.

Permits and tags purchased through the internet on home computers will be printed on personal printers and will also include carcass tags.

These tags will be torn off when an animal is taken, signed and dated, placed in a plastic food bag, and tied to the animal's leg.

In addition - and for this year only - deer permits acquired through drawings will include a carcass tag that must be signed, dated and attached in the same manner as previous years.

Next year, however, draw permits will be the same as permits issued under this year's automated licensing system, even though they will still be issued through a drawing.


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