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Newman backs off plan to review school paper before publication

September 25, 2005


— Administrators at Newman University have backed away from a plan to review the contents of the school newspaper before it goes to press, after students objected and the adjunct faculty adviser resigned.

Instead, school president Aidan Dunleavy said Friday that a board of faculty, staff members and students will critique The Vantage after publication.

The board also will suggest guidelines to ensure the weekly paper, which receives money from the Roman Catholic university and advertising sales, upholds the standards of journalism and the values of the university.

"The practice of responsible journalism are the unequivocal goal of all parties in these discussions," Dunleavy wrote in an e-mail to faculty, staff and students. He made the announcement after meeting with the newspaper's student editorial board.

"While not without tension, the recent discussions regarding the operation of the Vantage have, by and large, been a good example of healthy discourse for a college campus."

The debate about prior review started earlier this month when the vice president of student affairs at Newman, Tom Corti, announced his intention to examine the newspaper before it went to press.

The newspaper staff protested, as did many students and faculty.

"We aren't against prior review by an adviser," said Andrea Allen, editor-in-chief of The Vantage. "And we are completely for post-review. But we were very uncomfortable having our work up for prior review by a member of the (university) administration, who we cover."

The adviser, Nick Jungman, decided to return after Friday's announcement. Jungman, a business reporter at The Wichita Eagle, had said an administrator's preview of the paper violated journalism ethics and could lead to censorship.


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