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Parker discounts notion of her as a fashion icon

September 24, 2005


— Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't consider herself a fashion icon.

"It's not the way I perceive myself, I'm so low on my priority list," said Parker, pointing out that she is a working mother.

"I love beautiful clothes and am privileged enough to have access to a lot of them ... but they also are returned the next day. They are not mine," said the 40-year-old actress, who starred in HBO's hit "Sex and the City."

Parker was in Toronto on Thursday for the Canadian launch of her new fragrance, Lovely.

Inspired by memories of watching her mother apply perfume as a ritual before she would go out, Parker had always dreamed of creating a fragrance - and she wanted the scent to be subtle.

"We've all been hugged by people who are wearing something really confident," she said. "I didn't want people to be apologizing, 'Sorry. It's not me, I hugged Sue earlier."'

Parker chatted one-on-one with more than 500 of the 2,000-plus fans who lined up - some as early as 6 a.m. - for her noontime appearance in downtown Toronto.

Parker is married to actor Matthew Broderick. They have a 2-year-old son, James.


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