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Working lessons from back to school

September 18, 2005


An employment expert says that heading back to school isn't all that different than transitioning back to work - and that working professionals can learn a thing or two from their children's back-to-school challenges and opportunities.

Diane Domeyer, who runs the Office Team staffing service, offers advice for workers who find their office environments becoming "more serious and focused" as fall approaches, while companies strive to meet year-end goals. Her plan:

¢ Arrange a parent-teacher conference. Meet with your supervisor to discuss work performance and set specific goals. Demonstrate initiative by requesting the meeting.

¢ Schedule classes. Check into updating skills by participating in external seminars or enrolling in online training programs. Share new knowledge with others.

¢ Unclutter your desk. Organize files, throw away unnecessary papers and dust off the computer monitor and keyboard.

¢ Stock up on supplies. Request anything that will help you work more effectively or efficiently, including a new calendar for 2006.

¢ Enjoy recess. All workers need time to recharge, whether its by grabbing an occasional coffee or running a quick errand.


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