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Iron Yoga’ provides challenge

September 18, 2005


When you think of gritty, pulse-pounding weightlifting, you don't often think of calm, serene yoga. But Ironman triathlon champion Anthony Carillo did, and he combines them with much success in his new video, "Iron Yoga."

A word of warning: Though he offers modifications for beginners, this is not a video for beginning exercisers. This is actually one of the toughest videos out there, primarily because of the focus on balance.

The 60-minute video begins with a quick warm-up by Carillo and two others: One modifies the moves for beginners, and the other offers a few modifications for intermediate exercisers. When the video moves into the workout segment, be prepared to feel the burn.

Carillo starts with a yoga pose (the first one is a tree pose, in which you balance on one leg); while you're holding the pose, you do upper-body movements with weights. You don't do a lot of reps, which is good, because you are probably close to falling over, but you do enough that your arms, and especially your legs, feel fatigued.

You follow this pattern, using a pose to work your lower body and the weights to work your upper body.

Carillo is perfect with his cueing, but because there is so much to do, he doesn't spend much time telling you how or why the moves work. In addition, he seems to assume that you know something about yoga.

In the end, you are left with an unusual and challenging workout for your upper and lower body.


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