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Area food pantries in need of supplies

September 14, 2005


Relief agencies such as the Red Cross are being inundated with offers from people interested in helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, officials at Lawrence organizations that aid the needy say their larders are nearly bare.

"We're down to canned corn and green beans," Penn House Human Resources director Linda Lassen said. "It's not enough to make a meal out of."

Ballard Center resource director Paul Hunt said his pantry is in need of basic items, such as peanut butter, canned tuna, pasta, cereal, baby formula and baby food. Diapers are needed as well. Other area charity pantries reported similar needs.

Lawrence residents wanting to help hurricane relief efforts with donated goods should consider the needs of their local aid agencies, which can accept the items and either put them to use or forward them to assist hurricane victims.

Jo Lee, Eudora, the food coordinator at Penn House, organizes the few items in the agency's food pantry.

Jo Lee, Eudora, the food coordinator at Penn House, organizes the few items in the agency's food pantry.

"Someone has to sort it, and either it has to be disposed of or returned to some place that can use it," Douglas County Emergency Management director Paula Phillips said of donated goods flooding in for Katrina victims. "Donations management can become a big issue."

Phillips suggested those eager to give should look to local food pantries and second-hand clothing stores.

Paula Gilchrist, social service director for the Salvation Army in Lawrence said her agency won't accept goods donated for hurricane relief but would be pleased to accept goods that meet local needs.

Donations accepted

The following are some of the social service groups accepting food donations:

¢ Ballard Center, 708 Elm St. ¢ Eckan, 2518 Ridge Court # 103 ¢ Penn House, 1035 Penn. ¢ Pelathe Community Resource Center, 1423 Haskell Ave. ¢ Salvation Army, 946 N.H. ¢ Trinity InterFaith Food Pantry, 1011 Vt.


Jamie Benvenutti 12 years, 9 months ago

Did anyone else happen to see JAY WOLFE CHEVROLET's insert in the paper today?

For those who missed it, here's what it said:

"We are FLOODED with more cars than ever before! BRACE YOURSELF for the...AFTERMATH event."

Apparently, the folks over at JAY WOLFE think it's just fine to capitalize off of the horrible tragedy of Katrina in order to sell their cars.

I, for one, find it detestable that anyone could make a mockery of the unimaginable suffering and loss of hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

The only decent thing to do in response to this deplorable advertisement would be a BOYCOTT. Maybe then JAY WOLFE will get the idea that the tactics they've used are unacceptable.

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