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Let it rest

The evolution-creation debate shouldn’t be allowed to disrupt the state’s education system.

September 7, 2005


According to a recent news story, Americans are fairly evenly divided on the question of creation vs. evolution. In a Pew Research Center poll, 42 percent of those surveyed held strict creationist views while almost half, 49 percent, said they believed humans evolved over time.

Those conducting the poll said the survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

In this same poll, 64 percent said they believed creationism should be taught alongside evolution. People on both sides of the issue, at least those included in the Pew poll, indicated they think students should hear about various theories.

If this is the situation, why in the world can't common sense enter the picture? There are those who believe in creation and those who believe in evolution. It doesn't have to be all one way or the other.

There are well-intentioned, honest individuals on both sides of the issue. Why let this question divide a state or divide a school board? Can't everyone maintain their beliefs and still work in the best interests of all students?

Some have even gone so far as to claim the creation vs. evolution debate in Kansas is a reason Kansas University slid in the most recent U.S. News and World Report rankings of the best U.S. colleges and universities. What a stretch.

There is nothing wrong with a person believing in creation and the presence of God, and there is nothing wrong with a person believing in evolution. Let it rest. Why not accept the fact individuals can have different beliefs? Is there anything wrong with that?

The truth is it is likely even those on either side of this question probably don't believe 100 percent of Darwin's theory or 100 percent of everything in the Bible.

School board members, legislators and average Kansans have every right to hold their own strong feelings and beliefs, but it shouldn't go as far as to cause a serious disruption in a state's educational system. No one should be belittled or ridiculed for their beliefs on this issue.


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