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Keegan kreamed in contest debut

September 5, 2005


Newly hired Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan sought to prove his prognosticating powers with a perfect start to his weekly Kream Keegan contest on

Instead, the former New York Post baseball writer proved he could indeed be kreamed.

Three readers outguessed Keegan, who finished with a 5-2 mark. Brent Mathis beat Chris Courtwright and Dan Mayes by coming closest to the Kansas-Florida Atlantic game score with a 31-6 prediction. Mathis won a Kream Keegan T-shirt.


nschmi04 8 years, 7 months ago

He would have been "kreamed" by a lot more people if everyone was able to find a link, or actually get to the prognastication page. I tried tirelessly to get my predictions in but couldn't find where to pick? What section, or where is the link located for next week?


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