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Two restaurants fined for code violations

October 28, 2005


The owner of a carnival that provided entertainment at the Douglas County Fair has been cited by state health officials for operating without a food service license.

On Aug. 4 through Sept. 19 Michelle Murphy operated a food establishment known as Murphy Bros. Carnival without the state license, according to information released Thursday by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

During some of the time noted by KDHE, Murphy Bros. Carnival was in operation at the Douglas County Fair.

Murphy was ordered to pay a $500 fine but also has the option of appealing the ruling. The carnival is based in Gibsonton, Fla.

The state also cited Steve H. Nguyen, owner of Jade Garden, 1410 Kasold Drive, for violations. He was ordered to pay a fine of $750.

The violations included a frozen chicken left out overnight in a walk-in refrigerator registering 61 degrees. Other food items were found in refrigerated prep tables at temperatures greater than allowed. The violations were found in August.

Nguyen expressed unhappiness with the state's findings but said he wasn't going to appeal and is paying the fine.


cornflakegirl 12 years, 7 months ago

Marion, maybe you should at least attempt to get your facts straight before you post such a b.s. comment. That dog has had several complaints against it, and the ignorance and cruelty of its owner have led the "powers that be" to come to the only solution that they can. Shame on the pet owner in this case, not the city.

trueninetiesgirl 12 years, 7 months ago

i hope they save the dog.lawrence is a two faced town when it comes to pitts. my neighbor had a pitt that ran loose off an on for three yrs befor the human society did any thing. they even use to put the pitt back in its cage. i seen this and even helped to catch the why kill this one it has never bit any one.

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