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Bigger issues

October 28, 2005


To the editor:

What's wrong with this commission? Only $50, Commissioner Schauner, for a fine? You and your buddies think nothing of charging $72 for a burned-out headlight. You and your cohorts think nothing of charging $14.72 for sewer and $4 for a stormwater runoff fee each month on my water bill of $35.83. Over 50 percent in those two fees alone.

Charge the $300 fine and, in a very short time, with only 1,000 users of marijuana you will have 300,000 real dollars to use toward purchasing economic development land. After all, isn't the buying and selling of pot an economic development scheme for some?

To the City Commission, please get some real issues before you. If the five of you cannot come up with any new, really original ideas, then resign at the end of the year. After all, you are all now asking why you weren't told about sewers, about road planning, about what is what and what is not. I ask of all of you, why did you give the city manager a raise? Does he not tell you? I ask the city manager the following: Do you not ask questions of your staff?

To the taxpayers of Lawrence, ask yourself if the election was over. After all, nothing is happening. And with this marijuana nonsense, nothing will happen either. All that will happen is that yet another mayor gets to sign an ordinance to add to their list of accomplishments when their obituary is published.

David Holroyd,



just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

Hey, Corn Cob, do you really think that the commissioners are incapable of considering more than one issue at a time? Oh, sorry, I forgot that inflammatory rhetoric is your passion in life.

Perhaps it is time for a new city manager, but if you want to see the city commission's time taken up completely by one single issue, that dog fight would be the one. That's the main reason he's still on the job.

BTW, they give warning tickets for burned-out headlights-- if you fix it, it costs you nothing except the cost of the headlight.

KsTwister 12 years ago

Really, you are right. Even if you search the archives you will see that the sewer systems were a concern since 1995-but commissioners are concerned with quick decisions and nothing that takes any real resolves. I say we ticket bicycles at night with no lights(quick abundant revenue),raise the fines-why let them keep any funds to fix their flooding basements(they will probably drown anyway)?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 12 years ago

I've said it before, and I guess I need to say it again. The only fix to the sewer problem is $millions in upgrades, and the only reason these upgrades appear to be necessary is because of growth in the NW area. Who is going to pay for that? Pinkney neighborhood?

METALQ2 12 years ago

for once I agree with u holroyd.

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