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City hatches agreement with Internet provider

October 26, 2005


City commissioners agreed Tuesday to allow Lawrence Freenet, a nonprofit Internet provider, to place equipment on the Kasold Street water tower for a reduced rate.

Commissioners will allow the company to place wireless Internet equipment on the tower near 19th Street and Kasold Drive for $10 per year, in exchange for the company agreeing to offer Internet service to households that are at or below the 140 percent net income level required to receive food stamp assistance.

The city does allow for-profit companies, such as cellular telephone companies, to place equipment on the water towers, but they are normally charged several thousand dollars per year.


johnnyl 12 years, 6 months ago

Hells Fire... I should quit my job, cancel my sunflower Broadband account & whoa...wait a minute... If i don't make very much money, & subsist on foodstamps ... how in the world will I afford to buy a computer to get FREE internet access...

How about a deal for the people who work everyday, pay the bills & pay the taxes.

When are we going to get a break?

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